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Charting displeasure.

To the Editor: The purpose of this letter is to express my displeasure with the direction Mechanical Engineering magazine has taken in graphical design of its charts, graphs, and tables.

The past several issues have featured a wide array of visual nightmares, full of meaningless and confusing pictures, symbols, textures, elements, color schemes, perspectives, and fonts.

The entire purpose of visually displaying data is to improve understanding. Your change in style has done just the opposite. Some of these displays are so full of "chart-junk" they are virtually unintelligible. I would expect this from a mainstream media publication, but not from a journal targeting the engineering community.

There are many good resources available on this topic, and I assume your graphical design team is familiar with some of them. If they are not, you have the wrong team. Please dispense with this nonsense and get back to basics. My head hurts!

Mark Wojcik, Littleton, Colo.

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Author:Wojcik, Mark
Publication:Mechanical Engineering-CIME
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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