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Chart on drugs in development. (HIV Pipeline).

Chart on Drugs in Development

Compound                 Class of Compound               Phase of

ACH-126,443 (L-Fd4C)     nucleoside analog RT inhibitor  Phase 1
ADA                      zinc finger                     Phase 1 - 2
AMD-3465 ***             CXCR4 antagonist                Preclinical
AMD-8445 ***             entry inhibitor                 Preclinical
Atazanavir (BMS-232623)  protease inhibitor              Phase 2 - 3 *
BCH-10618 (DOTC)         nucleoside analog RT inhibitor  Preclinical
BEA-005 ***              nucleoside analog RT inhibitor  Preclinical
Beta-D-Fd4C ***          nucleoside analog RT inhibitor  Preclinical
Beta-L-Fd4C ***          nucleoside analog RT inhibitor  Preclinical
BMS-806                  entry inhibitor                 Phase 1
Calanolide A             non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Phase 2
Capravirine              non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Phase 2
DAPD                     nucleoside analog RT inhibitor  Phase 1 - 2
DEHSPM                   inhibits hypusin/eIF-5A         Phase 1
DPC 083                  non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Phase 1 - 2
DPC 681                  protease inhibitor              Preclinical
DPC 684                  protease inhibitor              Preclinical
DPC 961                  non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Phase 1
Emivirine (MKC-442)      non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Phase 3
Emtricitabine (FTC)      nucleoside analog RT inhibitor  Phase 3
HI-236 ***               non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Preclinical
Hu5A8 ***                binding inhibitor               Preclinical
Hydroxyurea              inhibits cellular factors       Phase 2 - 3
L-870,810                integrase inhibitor             Phase 1
LB-71350 ***             protease inhibitor              Preclinical
Mycophenlate             inhibits cellular factors       Phase 1 - 2
Peldesine                inhibits cellular factors       Phase 1
Pentfuside (T-20)        fusion inhibitor                Phase 3 *
Phosphazid ***           nucleoside analog RT inhibitor  Preclinical
PNU 142721               non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Preclinical
PRO 140                  CCR5 antagonist                 Preclinical
PRO 367                  entry inhibitor                 Phase 1
PRO 542                  attachment inhibitor            Phase 1 - 2
RD4-2217 ***             non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Preclinical
Resveratrol              inhibits cellular factors       Phase 1
S-1360                   integrase inhibitor             Phase 1 - 2
SCH C                    CCR5 antagonist                 Phase 1
SCH D                    CCR5 antagonist                 Preclinical
SJ-3366 ***              non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Preclinical
T-1249                   fusion inhibitor                Phase 1
TAK 449                  CCR5 antagonist                 Preclinical
Tipranavir               protease inhibitor              Phase 1 - 2
TMC 125                  non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Phase 2
TMC 120                  non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Phase 2
TMC 126                  protease inhibitor              Phase 1
UC-781 ***               non-nucleoside RT inhibitor     Preclinical
UK-427,857               CCR5 antagonist                 Preclinical
VX-175/GW433908          protease inhibitor              Phase 2 - 3
(amprenavir prodrug)

Compound                  Pharmaceutical Company

ACH-126,443 (L-Fd4C)      Achilleon
ADA                       Hubriphar
AMD-346 ***               AnorMed
AMD-8445 ***              AnorMed
Atazanavir (BMS-232623)   Bristol-Myers Squibb
BCH-10618 (DOTC)          Shire Biochem
BEA-005 ***               Medivir
Beta-D-Fd4C ***           Vion
Beta-L-Fd4C ***           Vion
BMS-806                   Bristol-Myers Squibb
Calanolide A              Sarawak Medichem
Capravirine               Pfizer/Agouron
DAPD                      Triangle Pharmaceuticals
DEHSPM                    SunPharm
DPC 083                   DuPont Pharmaceuticals **
DPC 681                   Dupont Pharmaceuticals **
DPC 684                   Dupont Pharmaceuticals **
DPC 961                   DuPont Pharmaceuticals **
Emivirine (MKC-442)       Triangle Pharmaceuticals
Emtricitabine (FTC)       Triangle Pharmaceuticals
HI-236 ***                Wayne Hughes Institute
Hu5A8 ***                 Tanox
Hydroxyurea               Bristol-Myers Squibb
L-870,810                 Merck & Co.
LB-71350 ***              LG Chemical
Mycophenlate              Hoffman-La Roche
Peldesine                 Biocryst
Pentfuside (T-20)         Trimeris/Roche
Phosphazid ***            Viscount
PNU 142721                Pharmacia
PRO 140                   Progenics
PRO 367                   Progenics
PRO 542                   Progenics
RD4-2217 ***              Tosoh
Resveratrol               Pharmascience
S-1360                    Shionogi Pharmaceuticals
SCH C                     Schering Plough
SCH D                     Schering Plough
SJ-3366 ***               Samjin
T-1249                    Trimeris/Roche
TAK 449                   Takeda
Tipranavir                Boehringer Ingelheim
TMC 125                   Tibotec Virco
TMC 120                   Tibotec Virco
TMC 126                   Tibotec Virco
UC-781 ***                Uniroyal
UK-427,857                Pfizer
VX-175/GW433908           Vertex/GlaxoSmithKline
(amprenavir prodrug)

(Source: Ben Cheng, Project Inform ([dagger]))

NOTE: RT stands for Reverse Transcriptase

* Available in expanded access

** Dupont Pharmaceuticals sold its anti-HIV drug Sustiva
and its HIV research pipeline to Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2001

*** No information available

([dagger]) Ben Cheng is now the Project Manager at the Forum
for Collaborative HIV Research in Washington, DC (
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Date:Jun 22, 2002
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