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Charlotte Cardin: Big Boy.



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Still missing Amy Winehouse? Grab a copy of Charlotte Cardin's EP Big Boy. A slim eight-song volume, which includes live versions of two of the songs, Big Boy is evidence of big things to come for this 22-year-old Quebecoise singer-songwriter. And, whether Cardin is singing in English or French, Winehouse's influence is abundantly evident.

Cardin, whose music can best be defined as electro-jazz, employs phrasing and a vocal style eerily reminiscent of the late British singer. Her voice doesn't pack as much pain, irony and rawness as Amy's did, but it's close. And her lyrics? They're crisp and wry but not as provocative as those on Winehouse's Back to Black.

For example, on the song "Dirty, Dirty" a spurned Cardin commits to "wash off all the dirty, dirty thoughts I had about you." Winehouse would have detailed exactly what those thoughts were.

While there is not a weak song on Big Boy, the title track and "Les echardes" (the splinters) are the clear standouts, with the aforementioned "Dirty, Dirty" also having strong potential as a single. "Big Boy" is a downbeat ballad dripping with a longing and despair that's perfectly captured in lyrics such as: "Maybe if we try again, big boy/ We could have it my way/ You nailed my heart to your wall/ But it was damaged anyways."

"Les echardes," with its sparse acoustic arrangement, beautifully showcases Cardin's voice and was named one of the top 10 songs written in Canada last year by SOCAN. Do your ears a favour and discover why. Highly recommended.

Caption: SOCAN named Charlotte Cardin's "Les echardes" one of the top 10 songs written in Canada in 2016.

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Author:Filipenko, Cindy
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:Mar 22, 2017
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