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Charles river offers genotox screening test.

Charles River Laboratories has partnered with Gentronix to offer BlueScreen HC Screening services for the early detection of genotoxicity. The partnership is aimed at reducing later stage attrition and increasing the number of candidates progressing into development by providing customers with the high-accuracy, low-compound use and rapid results generation required to identify genotoxic problem compounds earlier in discovery/development.

BlueScreen HC uses Gaussia luciferase to detect the up-regulation of a key reporter gene, GADD-45a, in response to genotoxic stress and can detect all known classes of genotoxins. In addition, Charles River will also offer BlueScreen HC with metabolic activation for the detection of pro-genotoxins.

Dr. Brian Bathgate, senior vice president, Global Preclinical Services at Charles River, commented, "Charles River is committed to providing exceptional, leading-edge services to our customers in order to help them reduce attrition and increase efficiency in their drug development programs. The introduction of BlueScreen HC will allow Charles River's customers to access an innovative new technology to assist them with the discovery and development of new drug compounds faster and more cost effectively."

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY NEWS
Publication:Contract Pharma
Date:Oct 1, 2010
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