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IT administrators needing scripting skills should look at Bobby Malik's Practical Windows Administration Scripting (1584504617 $49.95), a practical reference which provides solid detail packed with over 300 complete scripts per chapter. Scripting is tailored for Windows administration and engineering tasks and uses Microsoft Scripting technologies: experienced Windows administrators and technicians receive a guide to the latest features, providing solutions to common configuration and maintenance issues, from printers and file management to modifying web sites and generating reports, Practical Windows Administration Scripting is a fine reference. All computer users need to consider Ian Barile's PROTECTING YOUR PC (1584504862, $39.95): it teaches where major hazards lie, how to prevent and fix them, and how to avoid common annoyances like pop-ups, spam, and more. From installing patches and backing up data to avoiding worms and trojans, PROTECTING YOUR PC teaches all the basics of computer security for home or business. Or look at Ankit Fadia's NETWORK SECURITY: A HACKER'S PERSPECTIVE, 2ND EDITION (1598631632, $49.99): it comes from an independent computer security consultant who is a cyberterrorism expert. Chapters are for any with some degree of networking experience and use real-world case studies to update a bestseller on loopholes for major platforms, criminal techniques used to break into networks, and more. Programmers should take note of two fine guides: Eric D. Grebler's 3D GAME PROGRAMMING FOR TEENS (159200900X, $29.99) teaches teens and beginners how to turn their programming ideas into real games. An accompanying cd includes a demo of 3ds Max, Blitz3D and more, while chapters walk through several small program demos which test new skills described. And the more complicated Allen Sherrod ULTIMATE GAME PROGRAMMING WITH DIRECTX (1584504587, $49.95) teaches the fundamentals of DirectX game development and graphics skills, packing in the math and physics insights needed to create basic graphic and animation schemes for games. The book relies on a first-person shooter game called Stranded and each chapter builds on how to add to the game. Users of the online photo sharing site Flickr will find HOW TO USE FLICKR: THE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY REVOLUTION (1598631373, $24.99) teaches how to organize, store, and use a site which is more than just a bandwidth of storage. Flickr is a community for any who use and share digital photos: chapters hold details for both newcomers and prior Flickr users on how to set up accounts, upload photos, organize and share them, and more.
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Title Annotation:Practical Windows Administration Scripting; Protecting Your PC; Network Security: A Hacker's Perspective, 2d ed.; 3D Game Programming for Teens; Ultimate Game Programming with DirectX; How to Use FlickR: The Digital Photography Revolution
Publication:California Bookwatch
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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