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Max Fomitchev's Enterprise Application Development With Visual C++ 2005 (1584503920, $49.95) comes from a Moscow Ph.D. and covers the best practices for coding and C++ development. Plenty of practical real-life examples pepper instruction on how to use compilers, enhance and change database applications, and more. The fundamentals of successful coding and application development practices are imparted along with coverage of the latest Visual C++ 2005 features, making this a top reference for applications developers. Manu Konchady's Text Mining Application Programming (1584504609, $59.95) is a detailed in-depth survey for any software programmer interested in learning how to mine the data available on the Web and from internal networks alike. From a review of text data and its characteristics and location to later chapters on navigating the Web for data and building spiders to crawl the Web, developers will find a knowledge of Perl useful--but not necessary--to understand the basics and features of an excellent data mining introduction. Glen Rhodes' Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Game Development (1584504870, $49.95) is for those who have the basics down and want to learn to produce professional-quality games. The latest enhancements to Flash are taught to programmers and web developers who want to get up and running quickly. From producing fast 3D effects to the hidden powers of Flash Pro 8, this book provides methods for understanding advanced techniques and getting up to speed: indispensable for game developers. David Kalwick's Animating Facial Features & Expressions 2nd Edition (1584504749, $49.95) completely updates the prior title on the topic to include the latest tools and resources. It's written for 3D artists and designers with an entire focus on one of the most difficult aspects of programming effectively: animating expressions. With two new chapters on using 2DS Max and Maya and new coverage of other hot programs, developers are assured of the latest techniques and tricks.
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Title Annotation:Enterprise Application Development With Visual C++ 2005; Text Mining Application Programming; Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Game Development; Animating Facial Features and Expressions, 2nd ed.
Publication:The Bookwatch
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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