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Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

I had not finished Professor Konotey-Ahulu's review of Dr Carl Weiland's new book in your last issue ("Charles Darwin and His Apostles Have Got It All Wrong!"), when I rushed to get a modern biology textbook to read Darwin's Theory of Evolution. When I read that text, which was meant for our secondary schools, I began to see why that knowledge must be expunged from our textbooks. Honestly, it is a fraudulent science left in many textbooks, just as Prof Konotey-Ahulu pointed out


I salute the courage of NA in publishing such a viewpoint. But beyond that, I am of the opinion that it is time to begin a campaign that must get Darwin's theory out of the African curriculum.

If Western nations choose to believe that they evolved from an animal, we in Africa cannot dehumanise ourselves and believe in such a concept. I wish Prof Konotey-Ahulu's viewpoint could be published in all newspapers and magazines distributed in all African countries.

Ugwonno Chinedu Aba, Abia State, Nigeria

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Title Annotation:Readers' views
Author:Chinedu, Ugwonno
Publication:New African
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2011
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