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Charles Daly shotgun.

I have a Charles Daly Field 20 gauge pump gun made in Turkey (Model KBI-HBG) I bought as new. I took the gun out of the box it came in and wanted to try it out before giving it to my grandson. The gun wouldn't chamber a shotshell and wants to stick on top of the chamber. Wiggling it around will allow the shotshell to chamber but attempting to eject it allows it to come out about 1/2" or less without ejecting. Sometimes brass is pulled off the rim. I tried to get in touch with the company but they went out of business in 2010. Can you help identify what's causing this problem? A gunsmith at Gander Mountain says it's not worth fixing.

Louie Danielson

Correct. KBI, former importer of Charles Daly, is no longer in business. We recall they switched their offshore provider from Turkey to Japan previous to the demise, though it might have been the other way around. The chap who used to be our top tech contact for Charles Daly at KBI would know for certain. His name is Jim Heverling and is running his own operation now. You should contact him with any questions and feel free to mention that Chick Blood provided you with his email address at jimhev@

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Author:Danielson, Louie
Publication:American Gunsmith
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 1, 2016
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