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Charles & Camilla: The Royal Wedding: The long line of Charlie's Angels.

Byline: By Donna Watson

CHARLES was once considered to be the most eligible bachelor in the world.

And throughout the 70s, he played the field with a host of lovelies who became known as Charlie's Angels.

His first romantic steps were taken with Lucia Santa Cruz, the daughter of the Chilean ambassador.

He then moved on to Sibella Dorman, daughter of the governor of Malta, and then Lucinda Buxton, later to become an acclaimed filmmaker.

Charles's first serious date was with Georgiana Russell, daughter of Britain's ambassador to Spain.

It was soon after this, in 1972, he first met Camilla Shand, as she then was, and found his soulmate.

But Camilla was already after cavalry officer Andrew Parker Bowles.

Charles moved his attention tentatively to Lady Jane Wellesley after Camilla married and wrote to his uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten: 'I expect the feeling of emptiness will pass'.

Davina Sheffield, the cousin of Lord McGowan,was next to grab his attention and, as a 5ft 10ins stunning blonde, many would later say she was even more glamorous than Di.

But she had to go when it was revealed she was not a virgin.

Fiona Watson, the sexy young daughter of racing figure Lord Manton, was prominent for a short time.Then it was revealed her 38-23-35 charms had been sprawled across the pages of Penthouse magazine.

During this time the prince was also said to have embarked on a number of flings.

He picked up a French girl named Chantal after one polo match in Deauville, who was most definitely not princess material.

And other stories link him to fiery Colombian Christabel Barria-Borsage who, as she fell into his arms, asked him, 'What shall I call you - Sir, or Charles?'To which the Prince replied, 'Call me Arthur.'

The next to appear on the prince's arm was Lady Sarah Spencer, Di's older sister.

Towards the end of the 70s, he took up with prominent polo figure Jane Ward.

Then it was It girl Sabrina Guinness, who had previously enjoyed a romance with Mick Jagger.

He is then reported to have proposed to Anna Wallace,the daughter of a Scottish landowner.

Lord Mountbatten's granddaughter Amanda Knatchbull was said to be another flame.

By this time the royals were impatient for the prince to choose a bride and Lady Diana Spencer was drafted in, although Charles stayed devoted to his Camilla.


STUNNER: Davina Sheffield
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 11, 2005
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