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Charity funds run up on the treadmill.

WHEN Coventry Fun Run was cancelled due to wet weather, entrants mum and daughter Sue and Stacey Biddle decided to carry on... indoors.

The determined pair, from Green Lane, Coventry, completed the 4 1/2 -mile distance on the treadmill at the Midland Sports Centre, in Tile Hill, Coventry.

Along with cousin Ian Smith and Stacey's friend Rachael Montgomery, they raised pounds 450 for the charity Epilepsy Bereaved.

The run was in memory of Sue's brother Martin Doran who died of epilepsy on July 16 last year. He was 47.

Mr Doran, a caretaker at Cannon Park Shopping Centre, died from a condition called Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

Sue said Martin's death was a big shock.

She said: "He was very well known among the customers and the shopkeepers.

He led a very active life and had many friends - he would do anything for anyone.

"Stacey, Ian and I want his memory to live on and we want to make the community aware of this awful, silent killer syndrome. By supporting Epilepsy Bereaved we hope the money we raised will contribute towards the prevention of epilepsy deaths and raise awareness to others."

The family would like to thank everyone who sponsored them. There are 1,000 epilepsy-related deaths a year in the UK - and 500 of these deaths are SUDEP.

Epilepsy Bereaved works towards the prevention of epilepsy deaths, including SUDEP, through education and promotion of research and provides information and support to bereaved families.


CARING GESTURE...Mum and daughter Sue and Stacey Biddle with Ian Smith, who helped them raise pounds 450 for Epilepsy Bereaved in memory of Sue's brother, Martin Doran, who died suddenly a year ago, at the age of just 47.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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