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Charge-neutral compound maintains dosage uniformity for inhalation device.

New propellants used in drug delivery systems have exacerbated a potential problem in aerosol inhalation devices. Ensuring patients receive consistent dosages is essential to successful treatment. But static build-up in valve holding chambers (VHCs) can attract and hold residual amounts of medication, especially when used with a new class of inhalers that have replaced chlorofluorocarbon propellants with hydrofluoroalkane.

VHCs are advantageous for patients who have difficultly coordinating their inspiration with the activation of the inhaler, such as children and the elderly. Conventional VHCs can build up static charge and require washing and air-drying to reduce static prior to inhaler use.


Philips Respironics sought to remove this problem for its OptiChamber Advantage II Valve Holding Chamber for asthma relief. It worked with compounder RTP Company to find a material that met other requirements of the VHC and also eliminated static build-up, eventually settling on a PermaStat 600 Series permanently anti-static ABS compound.

The material's low resistivity provided just the right amount of static dissipation to ensure reliable delivery on first use out of the package, whether washed or unwashed. The material also gave the right balance of low resistivity, high clarity, and strength.
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Comment:Charge-neutral compound maintains dosage uniformity for inhalation device.(feature: design)
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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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