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A royal romance--remixed: Tracey Livesay explains how the love story of Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex served as the jumping-off point for her latest romance. Livesay, Tracey Jun 18, 2022 623
The Turn toward the Nonhuman in Susan Straight's A Million Nightingales. Nowak-McNeice, Katarzyna E. Report Jun 1, 2022 8234
Female Bonding and Marginality in Shang Wanyun's novella "Xialihe" (1978). Paoliello, Antonio Report Jun 1, 2022 8514
A Lost Tale, A Found Influence: Earendel and Tinuviel. Flieger, Verlyn Critical essay Mar 22, 2022 6787
"To Start: I Should Never Have Been Born": The Antiheroine as Stranger in Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects and Gone Girl. Gardner, Eleanore Critical essay Jan 1, 2022 8023
Mandarin Oriental: The Cosmopolitan Stranger in Lisa See's Dragon Bones. Capdevila, M. Isabel Santaularia I. Critical essay Jan 1, 2022 7885
"What My Grandmothers Taught Me" LESSON 2: TAMAR. Banbury, Rosalind Essay Sep 13, 2021 813
Looking Back or Re-visioning: Contemporary American Jewish Poets on "Lot's Wife". Koplowitz-Breier, Anat Critical essay Sep 1, 2021 10092
Judas, son of Simon the Iscariot. Mar 30, 2021 670
Fiction's Troubled Souls. Sisk, Taylor Recommended readings Jan 1, 2021 1935
Barry Gifford's World. Boyle, William Interview Dec 22, 2020 3059
The Mask of Sensation: Echoes of Sensation Novel Female Characters in Gone Full Havisham. Martinez, Carmen Botamino Critical essay Dec 22, 2020 9053
Maria Clara in the modern Philippines? This comic book makes that time travel happen. Nov 18, 2020 953
In Quest of Tania of Tropic of Cancer. Honda, Yasunori Jan 1, 2020 5188
MATIA'S AMBIVALENT GREEN WORLD IN MATUTE'S PRIMERA MEMORIA. Magnant, Megan Briggs Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 8300
VERY LIKE A WHALE: Moby-Dick is a novel suspicious of visual representation--but one that has inspired scores of illustrators and artists. Kerr, Matt Jul 1, 2019 2267
A SEATING CHART FOR THE MAD TEA PARTY. White, Laura Brief article May 1, 2019 332
Bugs and Sam: Nick Adams's Guides in Hemingway's "The Battler" and "The Killers". Beall, John Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 7882
What If It's the Mannlicher?: A Letter Complicates the Ending of "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber". Knodt, Ellen Andrews Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 2616
What Dr. Adams and Dr. Hemingway May Tell Us about Ernest. Hays, Peter L. Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 2652
She Got Up and Went Away: Rachel Cusk on Making an Exit. Valihora, Karen Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 7299
The Implicit Dramas of Northanger Abbey. Folson, Marcia McClintock Critical essay Jan 1, 2019 6166
Northanger before the Tilneys: Austen's Abbey and the Religious Past. Moore, Roger E. Critical essay Jan 1, 2019 7550
Austen and Richardson's Clarissa: The Case of Persuasion. Fanning, Christopher Critical essay Jan 1, 2019 3725
ALEGORIA SIMULADA DE LO FEMENINO EN LA NOVELISTICA DE ROBERTO BOLANO. Mercier, Claire; Rocco, Bernardo Critical essay Dec 1, 2018 6746
"Pedant Needs More Paunch": Reviving Robertson Davies's Annotations from his Performance Copy of The Taming of the Shrew. McKague, Cathleen Sep 22, 2018 9718
Getting into the Head of a Serial Killer. Weir, R. Jul 1, 2018 1862
The Tragic Sense. Valiunas, Algis Mar 22, 2018 5166
Astonished at Amelia: Amelia Wildenhaim's Salutary Influence on Fanny Price. Duran, Josiah J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 3752
Mrs. Fielding: la mujer soltera como encarnacion del ideal de la mujer en el hogar. Diaz Bild, Aida Critical essay Jun 1, 2017 8044
"Love beyond logic": On cannons, castles, and healing tomfoolery in Dickens's great expectations and Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. Anvil, Carta A. Mar 22, 2017 7525
Escaping type: Nonreferential character and the narrative work of Henry Fielding's Tom Jones. Urda, Kathleen E. Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 9263
Cosmic Pessimism in Lady Chatterley's Lover: D.H. Lawrence's Tristan Legend for the Twentieth Century. Ribitzky, Tom Mar 22, 2017 12039
"The boy that I gave Falstaff the page boy and early modern manhood in 2 Henry IV and Henry V. Sasser, M. Tyler Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 8790
DIAGNOSING VERGIL'S DIDO: A PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE. Grobler, Nina-Mari Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 4173
(Mis)reading Ibsen: Chinese Noras on and off the stage and Nora in her Chinese husband's ancestral land of the 1930s as reimagined for the globalized world today. Qi, Shouhua Critical essay Dec 22, 2016 10141
"Straight out of the button-molder's own ladle": On the complexity of characters in Arthur Koestler's Thieves in the Night. Vernyik, Zeno Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 9581
Listen to the bells: on writing Indian characters. Avasthi, Swati Essay Jun 1, 2016 1851
Jean Louise to the Dark Tower Came. Polesiak, Debra Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 920
Golding's The Spire as an architectonic novel. Schaffrath, Stephan Mar 1, 2016 6587
Friendship in Marlowe's Dr. Faustus and The Jew of Malta. Hunt, Maurice A. Essay Jan 1, 2016 12395
First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Children. Guy-Bray, Stephen Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 4806
A Source for the Unusual Character of Pedro in Victory. Richardson, Brian Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 1031
"Weeping mothers shall applaud": Sarah Yates as Margaret of Anjou on the London stage, 1797. Burdett, Sarah Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 10266
"Where's Tarleton?": the contentious Chaucerian afterlife of Elizabeth's most famous clown. Conlan, J.P. Essay Dec 22, 2015 12294
The prose of E. Hemingway and V. Voiculescu interpreted versus the psychoanalysis of J. Lacan. Fonari, Victoria Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 6958
We did not think that he could die: Letitia Elizabeth Landon and the afterlife of Scott's Heroines. Watt, Julie Sep 22, 2015 5994
Nick Adams, Jake Barnes, and Colonel Cantwell: Hemingway's Sportsman Sketches. Nickel, Matthew Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 4758
Dante's Belacqua in Conrad's Heart of Darkness: Marlow's Journey Toward Rejecting Racism. Russell, Richard Rankin Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 3802
Woman in full. Anton, Michael Critical essay Mar 22, 2015 5374
"Some woman is the father": ,Middleton, and the criss-crossed composition of Measure for Measure and More Dissemblers Besides Women. Buccola, Regina Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 11060
Decadent decay: the complexity of social corruption, consciousness, and critique in Watchmen and You Can't Go Home Again. Cummings, Sarah W. Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 3654
Pauses in Visit from the Goon Squad: aberration takes charge, or, literary Hijinks with the notion of time. Solwitz, Sharon Report Dec 1, 2014 3397
Femmes fatales: "La fascinazione di morte" in Elena Ferrante's L'amore molesto and I giorni dell'abbandono. Alsop, Elizabeth Critical essay Sep 22, 2014 8644
Feeling "Oceanic": Civilization and Discontented Paul. Cushman, Keith Sep 22, 2014 5085
Place & Space in Waugh's A Handful of Dust. Reilly, Mary Kate Critical essay Sep 22, 2014 2950
Sebastian Flyte: model student? Brief article Sep 22, 2014 113
'Unnatural hags': Shakespeare's Evil Women in Titus Andronicus, King Lear and Macbeth. Sentov, Ana Critical essay Jun 22, 2014 2752
Dalila as Euripidean heroine. Revard, Stella P. Essay Jun 22, 2014 5555
Introduction to History, Memory, and the Making of Character in Roth's fiction. Aarons, Victoria; Sanchez-Canales, Gustavo Critical essay Jun 1, 2014 5097
The perils of desire in Roth's early fiction. Aarons, Victoria Critical essay Jun 1, 2014 6749
Carmen's illusive technicolor fantasy in Miguel Delibes's Cinco horas con Mario. Oechler, Christopher C. Critical essay May 1, 2014 2978
To script or not to script: rethinking Pseudolus as playwright. Bungard, Christopher Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 9450
"A nous deux," Balzac: Barres's les deracines, and the ghosts of la Comedie humaine. Proulx, Francois Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 5945
Artemis at Ragnarok: E.R. Eddison's Queen Antiope. Young, Joseph Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 6893
Margins, mirrors and breasts: Pearl's place in The Scarlet Letter. Campbell, Charles Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 9206
Aphra Behn in the novels of our time: adventuress, she-spy, detective. Trofimova, Violetta Mar 22, 2014 4839
The Enactment of Feeling: A Stylistic Analysis of Love Scenes in The Rainbow. Sotirova, Violeta Mar 22, 2014 6875
Character criticism, the cognitive turn, and the problem of Shakespeare studies. Pechter, Edward Essay Jan 1, 2014 13563
Grand images: exploring images of grandparents in picture books. Crawford, Patricia A.; Bhattacharya, Sharika Report Jan 1, 2014 8409
Itinerant Barbaras: Anna Karenina's peripatetic guardian saints. Morris, Marcia A. Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 8545
Parallel women characters and femininity in Durrell's and Kazantzakis's work. Gonzalez-Vaquerizo, Helena Critical essay Dec 1, 2013 5922
The city and the man. Flannery, Christopher Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 5230
'I am not the Mulata de Cordoba': the cultural meaning of blackness in nineteenth-century Mexico. Ramos, Marisela Jimenez Essay Jul 1, 2013 8459
'Wanton females of all sorts': spectatorship in The Antipodes. Myhill, Nova Critical essay Jul 1, 2013 9311
From the summer of Faulkner to Oprah's Obama: what we can learn from Joe Christmas and Miss Jane Pittman. Richardson, Riche Essay Jun 22, 2013 10892
The literary lineage of names in The Great Gatsby. Meyers, Jeffrey Critical essay May 1, 2013 987
Machnun y Don Quijote: dos locos de amor. Una comparacion sobre su locura y sus implicaciones. Perez Gonzalez, Rosalia Critical essay May 1, 2013 8129
Plum picks. Thompson, Michael Essay Apr 1, 2013 840
In search of the real Nick Adams: the case for "A Very Short Story". Daiker, Donald A. Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 6192
Reappearing characters in the works of Pereda. Quirk, Ronald Essay Jan 1, 2013 6808
Do Elizabeth and Darcy really improve "on acquaintance"? Ray, Joan Klingel Jan 1, 2013 7020
Bingley's four or five thousand, and other fortunes from the north. Slothouber, Linda Jan 1, 2013 4620
Lydia's prospect: scandal, sequels, and second chances. Veisz, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2013 3550
Character models. Essay Jan 1, 2013 745
The drama of gender and genre in Edith Wharton's realism. Martin, Regina Critical essay Dec 22, 2012 9610
"The piano player at the picture show": Virgie Rainey and navigating high and low in The Golden Apples. Dupuy, Jason Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 6346
Realizing Rosina: operatic characterizations of Beaumarchais's heroine. Lister, Linda Essay Sep 1, 2012 6070
Representations of revolt in three plays by Adam Small: Kanna hy ko hystoe, Joanie Galant-hulle and Krismis van Map Jacobs/Voorstellings van verset in drie Adam Small-dramas: Kanna hy ko hystoe, Joanie Galant-hulle en Krismis van Map Jacobs. Coetser, J.L. Critical essay Jun 27, 2012 8771
Madame Aubert-Rocque and Miss Emily Grierson: something in common. Materassi, Mario Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 3358
"What's in a name?": naming men in Lawrence's novels. Ingersoll, Earl Mar 22, 2012 12560
The myths of the author: Tolkien and the medieval origins of the word hobbit. Livingston, Michael Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 8034
Everyone needs an Eli. Bartholomew, Mark Jan 6, 2012 621
A message and a missiology. Sanchez, Patricia Jan 6, 2012 706
Could Ivor Claire be Lord Lovat? Could Diana Cooper be wrong? Gallagher, Donat Essay Jan 1, 2012 2519
Introduction to "Shakespeare's female icons": sorcerers, celebrities, aliens, and upstarts. Royster, Francesca T. Essay Jan 1, 2012 4675
Ordinary stardom: the tragic duality of Julia Stiles's Ophelia. Loper, Natalie Jones Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 10947
When did Ivan Il'ich die? Irwin, William Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 1254
Tolstoy's tropics of suddenness: the unexpected in the World of the Law. Slivitskaya, O.V. Essay Jan 1, 2012 2722
Conduct Books and Pride and Prejudice. Stott, G. St. John Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 9066
Unlikely heroines in Lucrezia Tornabuoni's Judith and Esther. Milligan, Gerry Essay Dec 22, 2011 12675
Cecchi's Assiuolo: a creative imitation of the old and a telling reflection of contemporary realities. Di Maria, Salvatore Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 10849
A new approach to an old question: on the characters of Manzoni's I promessi sposi. Ferri, Luigi G. Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 8043
Tanaka, Ryouzo. "Evelyn Waugh Kenkyu 2 [A Study of Evelyn Waugh 2]--Adam to Nina [Adam and Nina]--Nijigenteki Ningenzo [Two-dimensional Images].". Usui, Yoshiharu Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 210
Tanaka, Ryouzo. "Tony to Brenda [Tony and Brenda]--A Handful of Dust Shiron [An Essay on A Handful of Dust] Evelyn Waugh Kenkyu 3[A Study of Evelyn Waugh 3].". Usui, Yoshiharu Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 157
The changing seasons of Mark Harris's It Looked Like Forever: Henry Wiggen as athlete and everyman. Carino, Peter Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 4735
Oedipus and Joseph K. Vrecko, Janez Essay Aug 1, 2011 7800
Lennie Snopes, a closer look. Fowler, Sigrid Hanson Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 6375
"Tobe! Show these gentlemen out". Kartiganer, Donald M. Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 891
How many black lovers had Emily Grierson? Romine, Scott Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 3493
Social minds in fiction and criticism. Palmer, Alan Essay Jun 22, 2011 20155
Speaking prose. Carroll, Joseph Essay Jun 22, 2011 1077
The epistemology of fiction: knowing v. "knowing". Kafalenos, Emma Jun 22, 2011 2012
Socializing the narrative mind. Brockmeier, Jens Jun 22, 2011 2283
Understanding fictional minds without theory of mind! Hutto, Daniel D. Jun 22, 2011 3192
Response to Alan Palmer's "social minds". Bortolussi, Marisa Jun 22, 2011 1910
Intermental units from the perspective of the semiological model. Toker, Leona Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 1929
The social mind in fiction: response to Alan Palmer. Porter, Laurence M. Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 2088
Happy Bloomsday! Tracy, Marc Brief article Jun 16, 2011 189
Polish language and history in A Streetcar Named Desire. Kolin, Philip C. Critical essay May 1, 2011 1337
The Perfect Jew... in 3-D! Klein, Dan Brief article Feb 28, 2011 297
Girls' Choice awards: best books for girls! Jan 1, 2011 1073
Who is not Sylvia? A character analysis of Stevie from Edward Albee's The Goat, or, Who Is Sylvia? Florescu, Catalina Florina Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 7265
K'tonton Time. Ingall, Marjorie Oct 4, 2010 1240
Flannery O'Connor, Benedict XVI, and the Divine Eros. Wood, Ralph C. Essay Sep 22, 2010 13403
Word play in the L. Frank Baum fantasies. Gardner, Martin Aug 1, 2010 1000
Naked in a tree: James Dean, the William Blakes, Yossarian, Melanie, et al. Moore, Michael Critical essay May 1, 2010 954
Detective and priest: the paradoxes of Simenon's Maigret. Ely, Peter B. Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 10997
The brute-hero: the 1950s and echoes of the North. Mansfield, Jane Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 8099
Precocity and performance: child characters in two Shakespeare plays. Sarkar, Abhishek Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 10925
Seymour: key to Salinger's philosophy of composition and publication. Limpar, Ildiko Essay Jan 1, 2010 6026
Odds, ends, and others: objects and the narration of Woolf's servant characters. Miller, Monica J. Essay Jan 1, 2010 9117
Using the lens of Keirsian temperament theory to explain character and conflict in D. H. Lawrence's "The Horse Dealer's Daughter". McKenna, John J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 8081
Hester and the homo-social order: an uncanny search for subjectivity in D. H. Lawrence's "The Rocking-Horse Winner". Bentley, Greg Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 9686
The philosophy of life-worship: D.H. Lawrence and Aldous Huxley. Poller, Jake Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 8000
Secrets and revelations: character co-reference choice as an aspect of the plot in James Joyce's Dubliners. Murphy, Terence Patrick Critical essay Dec 22, 2009 6976
From involuntary object to voluntary spy: female agency, novels, and the marketplace in Northanger Abbey. Zlotnick, Susan Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 7773
Biting more than "we" can chew: the royal appetite in Richard II and 1 and 2 Henry IV. Hoffmann, Christine Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 9674
The role of the nameless in isiXhosa ntsomi/Die rol van die naamlose in isiXhosa-ntsomi's. Mkonto, B.B. Essay Aug 1, 2009 7177
Video: Commemorating Aaron the Priest's Date of Death. Brief article Jul 23, 2009 88
Symbolic narratives: the dangers of being an intertextually inclined character. Lynch, Richard Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 9045
Portrayal of Physicists in Fictional Works. Dotson, Daniel Essay Jun 1, 2009 7460
Illustrations of creatures/Illustrasies van kreature. Marley, Ian Brief article Apr 1, 2009 92
Tracking creative creatures: an interdisciplinary investigation into the creative process--project description/Op die spoor van kreatiewe kreature: 'n interdissiplinere ondersoek na die kreatiewe proses--projekbeskrywing. Greyling, S.F.; Marley, I.R. Essay Apr 1, 2009 7816
Five poets in conversation with Joshua and Ian Marley's creative creatures/Vyf digters in gesprek met Joshua en Ian Marley se kreatiewe kreature. Viljoen, H.M. Critical essay Apr 1, 2009 8027
Possible worlds: a reading of three artworks from the Creative creatures exhibition/Moontlike werelde: 'n ontleding van drie kunswerke in dle Kreatiewe kreature-ulstalling. Lotz, C. Critical essay Apr 1, 2009 7038
Eyeing the creatures: an exploration of mirth as a personal function of art/Oe vir die kreature: 'n verkenning van pret as 'n persoonlike funksie van kuns. Botha, J.R. Essay Apr 1, 2009 9023
Creative writing students' experience of their own creative process within the context of the Tracking creative creatures project: a narrative analysis/Skryfkunsstudente se ervaring van hulle eie kreatiewe proses binne die konteks van die Op die spoor van kreatiewe kreature-projek: 'n narratiewe ontleding. Greyling, S.F. Essay Apr 1, 2009 9373
Practice-based research: Tracking creative creatures in a research context/Praktykgebaseerde navorsing: Op die spoor van kreatiewe kreature in 'n navorsingskonteks. Combrink, L.; Marley, I.R. Essay Apr 1, 2009 10794
Livia the princeps: gender and ideology in the Consolatio ad Liviam. Jenkins, Thomas E. Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 10982
Apeneck Sweeney's penitential path. Downum, Dennell M. Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 10407
"A Carrion Death": the theme of the gold casket in The Merchant of Venice. Stone, James W. Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 8259
Domestic economies in The Taming of the Shrew: amassing cultural credit. Chamberlain, Stephanie Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 9774
Crossing the borders of fantastic space: the relationship between the fantastic and the non-fantastic in Valdimars saga. Hansen, Anna Essay Jan 1, 2009 7026
Cultural palimpsests: Terry Pratchett's new fantasy heroes. Haberkorn, Gideon Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 9476
Girl, implicated: the child in the labyrinth in the fantastic. Gilman, Greer Critical essay Mar 22, 2008 2098
Fashioning Friday. Cohen, Derek Critical essay Mar 22, 2008 3770
Ancient personality: trait attributions to characters in Homer's Iliad. Passakos, Constantinos G.; De Raad, Boele Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 8397
A psychoanalytical interpretation of the characters in A.C. Jordan's novel Ingqumbo yeminyanya/'n Psigoanalitiese interpretasie van die karakters in A.C. Jordan se roman Ingqumbo yeminyanya (Die woede van die voorvaders). Kwatsha, L.L. Critical essay Dec 1, 2007 5409
Two children for a sign: Immanuel or Quick Pickings. Brown, Calvin Dec 1, 2007 628
Drawing idea from expression: creating a legal space for culturally appropriated literary characters. Chung, Jacqueline Lai Dec 1, 2007 14791
Chaucer's Wife of Bath and John Fowles's Quaker Maid: tale-telling and the trial of personal experience and written authority. Arnell, Carla Critical essay Oct 1, 2007 7919
Manly lessons: Sir Charles Grandison, the rake, and the man of sentiment. McGirr, Elaine Sep 22, 2007 8200
Isaac and Rebecca in Scott's Ivanhoe: a study in courage. Kerker, Milton Critical essay Sep 1, 2007 4335
'Bloss aus Lemberg geburtig': Detlev Spinell, the Austrian Jewish aesthete in Thomas Mann's Tristan. Barker, Andrew Critical essay Apr 1, 2007 6107
Lessons of the Master: the Henry James novel. Harvey, John Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 7534
Bulgaria's Universal Buffoon. Jan 1, 2007 523
Jane Austen, Jane Fairfax, and Jane Eyre. Harris, Jocelyn Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 4297
Un noeud gordien chez Balzac: le nain bossu de Modeste Mignon. Laporte, Dominique Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 4915
Le romantisme corrige: Emma Bovary and Lucie de Lammermoor. Han, Pierre Essay Jan 1, 2007 5949
Twelfth Night's "notorious abuse" of Malvolio: shame, humorality, and early modern spectatorship. Hobgood, Allison P. Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 9701
From isolation to community: Frodo's incomplete personal quest in The Lord of the Rings. Brown, Devin Character overview Sep 22, 2006 4590
Lire la pierre: pouvoir politique et sexuel dans la sculpture litteraire du XIXe siecle. Lloyd, Rosemary Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 6346
Ingres and Lampedusa's The Leopard. Meyers, Jeffrey Character overview Sep 1, 2006 961
Children's perceptions of the heroic ideal. Aloia, Stephen D. Jun 22, 2006 3943
"The dark was hived with flesh and mystery" (1): Thomas Wolfe, the American Adam, and the polemical persona of race. Cash, Wiley Jan 1, 2006 4904
W.O. Gant and the restraint of laughter. Dill, Scott Character overview Jan 1, 2006 3586
"I am a wild beast": Patricia Rozema's forward Fanny. Shea, Alison Jan 1, 2006 2877
A harpist arrives at Mansfield Park: music and the moral ambiguity of Mary Crawford. Wells, Juliette Jan 1, 2006 5076
General Tilney and Bath water. Takei, Akiko Jan 1, 2006 2234
Harry Potter and the fan fiction phenom. MacDonald, Marianne Jan 1, 2006 2918
Simulation of substance and shadow: inner emotions and outer behavior in Shakespeare's psychology of character. Oatley, Keith Jan 1, 2006 8136
Forum: is there character after theory? Falco, Raphael Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2006 1297
From Bradley to cultural materialism. Sinfield, Alan Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 3707
Reclaiming character? Crewe, Jonathan Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 2023
Do characters have souls? Callaghan, Dympna Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 1804
The persistence of character. Desmet, Christy Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 3865
Shylock's virtual injuries. Fowler, Elizabeth Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 3649
Personal fowl: "The Phoenix and the Turtle" and the question of character. Bishop, Tom Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 4137
"Best play with Mardian": eunuch and blackamoor as imperial culturegram. Bosman, Anston Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 14503
"Into realms of the semi-celestials": from mortal to mythic in The Awakening. Hailey-Gregory, Angela Critical essay Dec 22, 2005 7118
Mrs. Darling's Scream: the Rites of Persephone in Peter and Wendy and Wuthering Heights. Blackford, Holly Critical essay Dec 1, 2005 11538
To be loved: Amy Denver and human need--bridges to understanding in Toni Morrison's Beloved. Coonradt, Nicole M. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2005 8681
Fantasizing infanticide: Lady Macbeth and the murdering mother in early modern England. Chamberlain, Stephanie Jun 22, 2005 8586
Le Morte de Christopher. Jeffrey, Douglas A. Critical essay Jun 22, 2005 2429
The good book: the America portrayed by Sinclair Lewis in Elmer Gantry used to be a distant memory. But the novel's surprising lessons are relevant again. Byrne, Richard Mar 1, 2005 1706
Desdemona, woman warrior: "O, these men, these men!" (4.3.59). Holmer, Joan Ozark Critical Essay Jan 1, 2005 16894
Discordia concors: characterization problems of two Shakespearean gentlewomen. Yu, Sheng-yen Critical essay Jan 1, 2005 9358
Breadcrumb trails and spider webs: form in Yonder Stands Your Orphan. Kachuba, John B. Critical essay Dec 22, 2004 4593
Curse of the gendered class. May 1, 2004 328
"Rare in burlesque": Northanger Abbey. Landsdown, Richard Critical essay Jan 1, 2004 9454
Character constitution in Heinrich von Kleist's Der Findling and Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Kirchknopf, Andrea Critical essay Jan 1, 2004 6181
Shakespeare's Dark Lady unveiled? Brief Article Dec 9, 2003 203
Why Karl calls himself "Negro": the representation of waiting and the waited-on in Franz Kafka's Der Verschollene. William, Jennifer Marston Sep 22, 2003 3558
"Alias Jeremiah": Oscar Micheaux's pathetic preachers. Bilwakesh, Nikhil Sep 22, 2003 5581
Psychology of a king: Arthur in the Lancelot-Graal cycle. Ingram, Amy L. Critical essay Sep 22, 2003 8177
"Nothing you can't fix": screening Marlowe's masculinity. Abbott, Megan E. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2003 9365
No order from chaos: the absence of Chandler's extra-legal space in the detective fiction of Chester Himes and Walter Mosley. Bunyan, Scott Critical Essay Sep 22, 2003 13856
The Widow of Windsor and the spinster of Jefferson: a possible source for Faulkner's Emily Grierson. Kriewald, Gary L. Character overview Sep 22, 2003 3524
Fat characters in recent young adult fiction. Rabinowitz, Rebecca Sep 1, 2003 2134
Wrestling with Augie March. Kriegel, Leonard Critical Essay Jun 23, 2003 3968
Portia and the Prince of Morocco. Ungerer, Gustav Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 16783
"Emma could not resist": complicity and the Christian reader. Morefield, Kenneth R. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 3332
"Insidious designs": reading Jane Fairfax in and out of Highbury. Almonte, Paul Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 1872
Patrick Buchanan: "The Death of the West". (Editorial Comment). Critical Essay Dec 22, 2002 1121
Suffer the children. (Fiction chronicle). Watman, Max Nov 1, 2002 4529
Vautrin and same-sex desire in Le Pere Goriot. Berrong, Richard M. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 5979
Scobie reconsidered: a casualty of Catholicism or conscience? Bierman, Lisa Crumley Sep 22, 2002 5912
How did Hale die? A footnote to Brighton Rock. Bergonzi, Bernard Sep 22, 2002 1894
Mapping misogyny: Godwin's Fleetwood and the staging of Rousseauvian education. Handwerk, Gary Sep 22, 2002 11224
Odysseus, ingestive rhetoric, and Euripides' Cyclops. Worman, Nancy Sep 22, 2002 12183
Jay Hatheway reveals in Guilty As Charged: The True Story of a Gay Beret. (Briefs). Williams, David Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 270
In Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative (Crown), David Brock recounts his life as a closeted gay man in the right-wing trenches. (Briefs). Siegel, Joe Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 276
Carol Guess's Gaslight. (Briefs). Bordas, Hanna Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 284
Role reversal: Hollywood writers take their act from print to screen and vice versa. Kennedy, Lisa Jul 1, 2002 2182
Omar Tyree raw and uncut: the self-described "Urban Griot" hopes to cultivate more black male readers with his next novel Leslie. (Cover Story). Johnson, Brett Jul 1, 2002 2497
Stanley Plumly, Now That My Father Lies Down Beside Me. Jackson, Richard Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 6071
Joann Rose Leonard, The Soup Has Many Eyes. Paulson, Michael Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 1251
Chris Arthur, Irish Nocturnes. O'Brien, George Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 2468
Susan Roney-O'Brien, Farmwife. Millager, Abby Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 1564
A darkness pulled out of us: Stanley Plumly and the elegy of relationship. Walpert, Bryan Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 5932
The secretive-playful epiphanies of Robert Frost: solitude, companionship, and the ambivalent imagination. Bidney, Martin Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 8048
"Then something snapped inside me": the psychiatrist as Noir protagonist in John Franklin Bardin's: 'The Deadly Percheron' (1946). Payne, Kenneth Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 7361
"It is All a Darkness": Death, Narrative Therapy, and Ford Madox Ford's 'The Good Soldier'. Womack, Kenneth Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 6210
Right reasoning: S. I. Hayakawa, Charles Sanders Peirce and the scientific method. Taylor, Shawn Jun 22, 2002 2268
The price of sonnets and bonnets: how gender works in Luisa Bergalli's 'Le avventure del poeta'. Ward, Adrienne Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 8225
Isabella inventrix: History and creativity in Maria Bellonci's Rinascimento privato: Romanzo. Roush, Sherry Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 6912
A world of ruins: the allegorical vision in Fabrizio Clerici, Vincenzo Consolo, and Luigi Malerba. Pagano, Tullio Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 8329
Pascalian Quixotism in Umberto Eco's L'isola del giorno prima. West, Kevin R. Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 7935
Coming to her senses: the journey of the mother in 'La lunga vita di Marianna Ucria'. Amatangelo, Susan Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 8357
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