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Characteristics and Academic Performance of High School Students Attending VVC Directly after Graduation, 1996-2001. Research Report.

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Motivated by an interest in developing a better understanding of the students who enter Victor Valley Community College (VVCC) (California) directly from high school, the study outlined in this document was guided by four main purposes: (1) to gain an understanding of the characteristics of these students as they enter the institution so that appropriate educational experiences and services can be planned; (2) to evaluate the effectiveness of outreach efforts by examining participation rates to the various service area public high schools; (3) to gain an understanding of their "journey" during the experience at VVCC-academic performance, persistence, academic achievement, etc.; and (4) to provide feedback to high school and high school districts on their graduates. The study encompassed 6,712 high school graduates who identified themselves as first-time college students and enrolled at VVCC at any time during the year in which they graduated. Data was extracted from the college's data warehouse system and included the following information on each student: year of graduation, gender, ethnicity, academic achievement, academic honors, awards, number of terms in attendance. The report concludes with a summary of significant findings that address issues of gender, ethnicity, academic level of entering students, and degree attainment statistics. (RC)

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Author:Clair, Mark; Mistretta, Sandra; Lewallen, Willard
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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