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Characterisation of polymers; 2v.


Characterisation of polymers; 2v.

Crompton, T.R.

Smithers Rapra


150 pages




Crompton has published extensively on a wide range of chemistry topics. In the first text of this two-volume work, the author presents a compendium of the types of methodology that have evolved for the determination of the chemical composition of polymers. These include the methodologies used for the determination of metals, non-metals, organic functional groups, and monomer ratios in copolymers; analysis of homopolymers and copolymers; x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy; atomic force microscopy and microthermal analysis; multiple technique polymer studies; and scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive analysis using x-rays. The second volume examines the structure and microstructure of polymers, copolymers and rubbers, and more detailed aspects such as sequencing of monomer units in copolymers, end-group analysis, tacticity and stereochemical determinations. For students, academic and industry researchers, including work planners, chemists, engineers, chemical engineers, and others concerned with the implementation of specifications and process control.

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