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Chapters in the formative history of Judaism; current questions and enduring answers.


Chapters in the formative history of Judaism; current questions and enduring answers.

Neusner, Jacob.

Univ. Press of America


396 pages



Studies in Judaism


Neusner (theology, Bard College) offers a collection of his essays and book reviews on the rabbinic canon. He works extremely closely with the texts as he covers issues of history and the history of religion, the treatment of certain time periods in successive canonical compilations, and the history of law. The result is a rigorous but accessible survey suitable for supplemental reading or as a text, with such topics as comparisons of the Mishnah and the Bible, the question of whether scripture is the origin of the Halakhah, the importance of the destruction of the Second Temple, the kingdom of heaven in Judaism and Christianity, tolerance, and altruism, and his documentary readings include rabbinic compositions on 586, 70 and 132-135, the bestiary, and Hebrew dialects.

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