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Chapter 9 Test.

Chapter 9 Test

NAME: -- DATE: --

1. Complete the PTA for the following reservation. Use the data below and on the following page.


The airline imposes a $50 PTA service charge. The travel agency earns 5 percent of the service charge (in addition to the earned commission on the base fare amount).


Passenger data:

Address: 677 Berkeley Street
Address: Boston, MA 02218
Phone:   617-555-2011

Purchaser data:

Mrs. Elizabeth Higgins
155 River Plaza Drive
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: 916-555-7824
Form of payment:
American Express 0000123456789

2. Complete the MCO and final tour order for the following tour booking:

Passenger names: Mr. Robert Jones and Mrs. Barbara Jones Tour: Hosted tour "London Royale," seven-day, six-night hosted package Arrival: November 11 on British Airways flight 101 (arrival November 12) Departure: November 18 on British Airways flight 102


You made this booking on August 10 for your clients, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. The tour operator, British Airways Vacations, requires a $150 per person deposit within ten days of booking the package. The tour operator pays 10 percent commission. Your clients will pay the deposit on their Visa card: 0000 123456789. Complete the MCO for the total deposit amount.


3. Refer to exercise 2 of this chapter test. One month before departure, the tour operator requires final payment. The commission earned on this booking is 10 percent. The tour operator has requested a tour order for the final payment. Complete the tour order for final payment for these same clients by following the instructions below the tour description and price. Form of payment is by check. They are arriving on BA005 on Nov 12 and departing on BA004 on Nov. 18.


4. Complete the Amtrak ticket for the following. Passengers: Mr. Peter Andrews and Mrs. Sharon Andrews Reservation:

* Norfolk, Virginia, to Chicago, train number 4466, departing April 21 at 8:35 A.M.

* Double slumbercoach letter D in car 8912

* Chicago to Norfolk, Virginia, train number 5400, departing April 28 at 9:10 A.M.

* Double slumbercoach letter B in car 1122

* Round-trip rail fare: $189 per person

* Round-trip accommodation charge: $305

* Reservation number: 788932

* Protect code: M67T

* Form of payment: Visa 0000 3455789932110

Complete the Amtrak ticket:


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