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Chaotic Angels.

Chaotic Angels

Gwyneth Lewis

Bloodaxe Books Ltd./Dufour Editions Inc.

PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425

1852247231 $24.95 610-458-5005

Written by Gwyneth Lewis (made National Poet of Wales in 2005), Chaotic Angels is a free-verse anthology of sharply honest and creative poems collected from her three English collections, "Parables & Faxes" (1995), "Zero Gravity" (1998) and "Keeping Mum" (2003). A diverse spread of ultimately human topics, from the disillusionment of a decaying marriage to a prayer for a deceased canine companion to the visceral appearance of a panic attack. A fresh experience on every page. "Drought": It needs torching, all that boring moor / above the village. I planted seeds / in several places till the spindly gorse // bore crimson flowers all around its own / in yellow, then collapsed in black. / Borders I planted with exotic blooms // then I watched as arson laid a smoky lawn / as far as the tree line. Beneath its grass / grew a snowdrop season of broken glass.
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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