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Chanukah Song Made More Relevant.


With inspiration from rabbis of hundreds of years ago, some Jews have taken= up the custom of adding a stanza to the popular Chanukah song "Maoz Tzur" = to make it more "relevant."

Maoz Tzur has six stanzas =96 thanking God for delivering us from various e= nemies such as Egypt, Babylonia, Persia and Greece. In recent centuries, ho= wever, some rabbis added another stanza, asking for redemption from Ishmael= as well.

Each of the first five stanzas begin with a letter of the name of the autho= r, a certain Mordechai. The last stanza was apparently written by someone e= lse, and is a prayer for redemption from Edom (Rome). But this, too, was no= t enough for Jews suffering in the Exile, and Rabbi Moshe Isserles =96 16th= -century co-author of the classic Jewish-legal code Shulchan Arukh =96 adde= d yet another stanza, praying for deliverance from a future adversary, the = descendants of Ishmael.

The extra verse reads as follows: Thou were forever my salvation, my honor,= and that which keeps my head held high. Hear, please, the sound of my plea= , O my King, my G-d, my holiness. Pass over my sins and iniquities, in the = fourth exile as well.Strengthen Israel, subdue Ishmael, and from Edom redee= m my soul.

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Date:Dec 16, 2009
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