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Changing the face of real estate.

Wm. A. WhitelGrubb & Ellis has long been recognized for its ingenuity and breadth of transactions handled over the decades, with a history that dates back 125 years.

Today, we are reshaping the organization to compete in the reality of the 90s.

We have come to recognize that continued success for real estate firms in the immediate and long range future will demand a greater ability. to serve the complex needs of institutions and corporations.

The importance and influence of institutions in the real estate marketplace. will continue to grow as more and more properties revert back to banks, insurance companies and other lending institutions.

At the same time, virtually every corporation in America is focusing on its core strengths. These companies are turning outside for professionals to provide services that are not part of their basic business, including managing their properties and other real estate activity.

This has brought about a rather dramatic change in the real estate industry. Corporations and institutions are replacing private developers and owners as the major client base for real estate firms.

As a result, real estate deals will become more complex and expensive with both tenants and owners demanding a higher level of service. Among other new demands, this means that real estate firms will have to gain greater sophistication in collecting market information and data, and in developing sophisticated analytical techniques.

One answer to these new demands being developed at Wm. A. White/Grubb & Ellis is a break from the traditional approach to lease brokerage. We are developing a team work approach to each deal and each lease, which will provide broader support and better service for the corporate community.
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Title Annotation:More Review & Forecast; evaluation of services provided by real estate firms for 1990's market conditions
Author:Spillane, Noel
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Feb 2, 1993
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