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Changing plans: exhibit shows evolution of department planning.

The Bureau of Resource Management's Office of Strategic and Performance Planning recently collaborated with the Ralph J. Bunche Library, Foreign Service Institute Library and Office of the Historian on an exhibit titled The Evolution of Planning in the Department of State--Past, Present and Future. The exhibit is being shown at locations around the Department, most recently at State Annex 44.


The exhibit highlights the origins and benefits of strategic planning, codified in 1993 by the Government Performance and Results Act's requirement that federal agencies measure program effectiveness and improve accountability through better stewardship of their funds.

Henrietta Fore, under secretary for management and acting director of U.S. Foreign Assistance, cut the ribbon with other officials at the exhibit's opening at the Bunche Library. The exhibit illustrates the evolution of strategic planning and government accountability, using such documents as the 1875 memoirs of John Quincy Adams. The memoirs depict the then-Secretary of State's effort to create an account for each appropriation that was under the direction of the Department. Also shown are papers from the Office of the Historian on the creation of that office as part of M.


"The Office of Management and Budget, United States Agency for International Development and Department of State work together to strengthen the capacity of performance planning, reporting systems and skills for the benefit of more effective and efficient use of resources that advance the president's highest foreign policy goals," Fore said at the opening reception.

This focus on interagency collaboration led to publication of the revised version of the 2007-2012 State-USAID Joint Strategic Plan, first issued in 2003. The documents, which set forth the Administration's foreign policy priorities and strategic direction, were both displayed.

The exhibit also chronicled the Department's performance-reporting activities by presenting management and performance reports and showing the evolution of the Department's Performance Report and Accountability Report.

Those reports were produced from 1997 to 2001 and were consolidated in 2002 into today's annual Performance and Accountability Report.

The PAR provides program results to Congress, the president and the public, allowing an assessment of the Department's management of its programs and finances. The PAR has received numerous awards from independent evaluators for excellence in accountability reporting and received multiple recognitions in head-to-head competitions with private sector annual reports. This year, the Department will integrate performance and results data into its annual budget submission to Congress.

The exhibit also displayed the role strategic planning has played in helping the Department shape and refine its mission statement, values and strategic goals, bringing them in line with the Department's changing foreign policy goals and priorities.


Following the Ralph J. Bunche Library exhibition, FSI and RM/SPP took the exhibit to the FSI Library during the first two weeks of June. They aimed to have the exhibit coincide with FSI's deputy chief of mission training and reinforce to employees abroad that the mission, values and goals of the Department transcend geographic borders.

The Department intends to bring this exhibit to other State annexes in the coming months. Reports mentioned in this article are available on RM's Web site at www.state. gov/ s/d/rm/ or from Kevin Covert at

The author is an intern in the Bureau of Resource Management's Office of Performance Planning.
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Author:Gomez, Julia
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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