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Changing Food Technology.

Changing Food Technology

This slim volume comprises selected papers from the 4th Eastern Food Science and Technology Conference. These Eastern conferences are organised biennially by no fewer than fourteen East Coast Regional Sections and Subsections of the Institute of Food Technologists. In fact, the 4th event was held as long ago as October 1985 and the whole event had the title Innovation and Communication - partners for progress in the food industry.

The fourteen selected papers in this publication fall into three major subject areas: process automation, laboratory productivity and new products, and trends in processing technologies and packaging. The appendices carry descriptions of the twelve poster sessions.

The first section has four chapters with titles: Why automate food processes?; Plant automation through technology integration; Unsatisfied needs for continuous sensing systems; and Problems faced in converting to automated processes. The next section is the longest with six chapters carrying titles: Improving laboratory productivity through automation; Corporate expectations of R & D; Incorporating the results of nutrition research into new products; Product development in the '80s; Effects of new technology and current trends on products in today's supermarket; and Predicting future government regulations of new food products and processes. There are only four chapters in the last section: Crossflow membrane technology - its use in the food industry, recent innovations; Food irradiation - an innovation in food preservation; Instantizing food ingredients; and Packaging innovation and communication.

If this text had come to light a little earlier, it would have been very topical but it is still interesting to see the sort of meetings they organise over in the States. For instance, have you ever wondered exactly how ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis work? The former seems to be fairly well understood but in the latter case work to-date has not totally explained what takes place.
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Date:Aug 1, 1989
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