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Changhong Selects Motorola's M-DTV Module for Digital TV-Enabled Sets; Motorola Solution Offers Low-Cost Alternative for Digital TVs for U.S. Market.

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Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT) and Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. Ltd., China's largest color TV manufacturer, have collaborated to bring crystal-clear, affordable digital television to the United States marketplace.

The Motorola MCT5100 M-DTV(TM) module, part of Motorola's DigitalDNA(TM) solutions portfolio, increases the precision and clarity of the picture and provides CD-quality audio in digital TVs. Changhong intends to offer digital TV reception at a third of the price of current entry-level integrated digital TVs by utilizing this module.

"We are pleased to see our successful development of digital TV by using Motorola's M-DTV module," stated Zheng Guangqing, chief engineer and vice president, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. Ltd. "This success will enable us to enter the U.S. digital TV market quickly and efficiently, greatly benefiting consumers."

Zheng Guangqing added, "We will be able to offer consumers a low-cost alternative with a higher performance price ratio than the high definition television (HDTV) currently available."

The M-DTV module, developed to convert digital TV signals to the existing analog TV format, could reduce the cost and cycle time of bringing digital technology to the marketplace. The Motorola M-DTV module is designed for integration into existing analog TV chassis.

"We are very excited that Changhong has selected Motorola's M-DTV module," said Joel Klein, marketing director, Motorola's Entertainment Solutions Division. "This will enable consumers to enjoy digital TV technology, including higher-quality video and audio, at affordable prices. We are proud that Motorola can be a part of enhancing this entertainment experience."

The MCT5100 M-DTV module integrates Motorola's MCT2100 8-level vestigial sideband (8-VSB) demodulator, an MCT4000 transport demultiplexer and MPEG video decoder, a DSP56366 digital audio decoder/processor and an MPC850 PowerPC controller to implement an Advanced Television Standards Committee (ATSC) digital television receiver.

The MCT5100 M-DTV module accepts analog IF input from the TV and features conventional stereo audio output or Dolby Digital(R) 5.1 channel audio data output, a choice of multiple video output formats and an I2C control port.

Changhong plans to offer its digital TVs containing Motorola's M-DTV module through a major retail channel beginning in fall 2001.

About Motorola

As the world's No. 1 producer of embedded processors, Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector offers multiple DigitalDNA(TM) technologies which enable its customers to create "smart" products and new business opportunities in the networking and computing, wireless communications, transportation and imaging and entertainment markets. Motorola's worldwide semiconductor sales were U.S.$7.4 billion in 1999. The Web site is

Motorola Inc. is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in 1999 were $33.1 billion. The Web site is

About Changhong

After the rapid development of more than 40 years, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. Ltd. has become China's No. 1 and the world's fourth-largest color TV manufacturer. It is aiming to become a global company in the early 21st century and serve more consumers around the world with a variety of quality electronic products such as the color TV set, air conditioner, DVD player, AV system and battery.

Changhong realized sales revenue of U.S.$2.0 billion in 1999. Changhong brand, regarded as the most valuable one in China's electronics industry, is evaluated to be worth U.S.$3.1 billion. The Web site is

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