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Changes in some size standards are proposed.

SBA has adopted the Office of Management and Budget's 2007 revision of NAICS codes. As a result, SBA has proposed changing size standards for three industries and four activities within industries:

NAICS 339111. The proposed change affects Laboratory Freezer Manufacturing, to be reclassified in NAICS 333415, "Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing." SBA proposes a size standard of 750 employees.

NAICS 334220. The only change affects "communications signal testing and evaluation equipment manufacturing." It is reclassified in NAICS 334515, "Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals," having a size standard of 500 employees.

NAICS 518111 affects "broadband Internet services providers (e.g., cable, DSL)." That industry is reclassified in NAICS 517110, "Wired Telecommunications Carriers," having a 1,500 employee size standard.

NAICS 517510 affects "Cable and Other Program Distribution." Those companies are reclassified in 5171 I0, "Wired Telecommunications Carriers," having a 1,500 employee size standard.

NAICS 517910, "Other Telecommunications." is eliminated. Those companies are reclassified as "All Other Telecommunications/ NAICS 517919. SBA proposes a size standard of $23 million.

NAICS 518112 and NAICS 516110, "Internet Publishing and Broadcasting," are eliminated from the new codes. These two industries are combined in a new six-digit industry, NAICS 519130, "Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals." SBA proposes to apply the 500 employee size standard.

NAICS 525930, "Real Estate Investment Trusts," is eliminated and those companies are reclassified in several different codes. SBA proposes classifying REITs primarily leasing miniwarehouses and self-storage units, in NAICS 531130, "Lessors of Miniwarehouses and Self-Storage Units," having a $23.5 million size standard.

The proposed rule is RIN 3245-AF68 in the Aug. 29 Federal Register. Comments are due Sept. 28.

Proposed DOD Rule

The Defense Department has proposed a rule allowing contracting officers to use an evaluation factor that considers whether a contractor intends to hire members of the Selected Reserve. Selected Reserve members are those who normally attend regular drills and are the Reserves most readily available for call-up to active duty.

The rule, DFARS Case 2006-D014, implements Section 819 of the 2006 Defense Authorization Act. Comments are due Nov. 5.
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Publication:Set-Aside Alert
Date:Sep 14, 2007
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