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Changes in Board staff.

Normand Bernard, special assistant to the Board, retired on November 3, 2004, after more than forty-two years of service, including more than thirty years as a member of the Board's official staff.

The Board of Governors approved the following officer appointments in the Office of the Inspector General.

* Elizabeth A. Coleman appointed assistant inspector general for Communications and Quality Assurance.

* Laurence A. Froehlich appointed assistant inspector general for Legal Services.

* William L. Mitchell appointed assistant inspector general for Audits and Attestations.

Ms. Coleman has oversight responsibilities for the OIG's overall reporting and communications, including its legislatively mandated semiannual reports to the Congress; as well as the quality assurance of OIG products and processes. In addition she will be responsible for the OIG's major administrative functions and its information technology operations. Ms. Coleman joined the Board's OIG in 1989 as a senior auditor. She was promoted to program manager in 1999 and to senior program manager in 2001. Before joining the Board's staff, she worked on a variety of topics at the Government Accountability Office. Ms. Coleman has a BBA in accounting from James Madison University and is completing her third year at the Stonier Graduate School of Banking. She is also a certified information systems auditor.

Mr. Froehlich continues to serve as counsel to the inspector general, which requires coordinating interactions with the general counsels at the Board, the Reserve Banks, and other federal agencies, and will assume additional supervisory responsibilities. Mr. Froehlich joined the OIG's staff in 2001 as counsel to the inspector general. He brings to the Board more than twenty years of service in the OIG community, most recently as deputy inspector general counsel at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Mr. Froehlich holds a BA degree from Yale University, an MS degree from the London School of Economics, and a JD degree from George Washington University. He is a member of the D.C. bar. Mr. Mitchell has oversight responsibility for the OIG's financial audits, legislatively mandated work under the Federal Information Security Management Act, procurement audits, performance audits, and attestations. Mr. Mitchell joined the OIG's staff in 1993 as an auditor, and was promoted to senior auditor in 1998 and to program manager in 1999. His most recent promotion to senior program manager was in 2001. Before joining the Board's staff,

Mr. Mitchell served in the U.S. Army as an auditor and an instructor in the Army's finance school. He holds BBA and MPA degrees in accounting from the University of Texas and is a certified government financial manager. Mr. Mitchell is also a graduate of the Bank Administration Institute's Graduate School of Bank Operations and Technology at Vanderbilt University and has attended the System's Trailblazer program.

Howard Amer, deputy associate director in the Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation, retired from the Board on January 30, 2005, after thirty-two years of service at the Board and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.
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Title Annotation:Federal Reserve Board appointed Elizabeth A. Coleman, Laurence A. Froehlich and William L. Mitchell
Publication:Federal Reserve Bulletin
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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