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Changes in BEA plant and equipment survey.

Changes in the BEA Plant and Equipment Survey

BEA has conducted an in-depth analysis of the questionaires for the plant and equipment survey to identify changes that would reduce respondent burden and improve the quality of the estimates of capital expenditures. BEA's proposal to change the questionnaires was approved by the Office of Management and Budget in January. The changes will become effective with the first-quarter 1984 survey, to be collected in April and May.

The two highlights of the changes are:

Respondent burden will be reduced overall about 38 percent by eliminating certain questions and by decreasing the frequency of collection from firms in selected industries, most of which are comprised of many small entities. These changes were made in recognition of the increasing reluctance of business to respond to voluntary surveys.

Accuracy of the survey will be improved by collecting annual information on lease-related capital expenditures and by clarifying definitions and reporting instructions.

The changes that will be made are summarized in the table below.

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Title Annotation:Bureau of Economic Analysis
Publication:Survey of Current Business
Date:Jan 1, 1984
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