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In today's world: The realities of change. Editorial Jun 4, 2022 814
Christmas is here again. Editorial Dec 11, 2021 544
Navigating change. Thomas-Bush, Michelle Oct 4, 2021 694
Change as catalyst for growth. Ott, Teri McDowell Editorial Oct 4, 2021 696
A vital congregation changes hearts and lives. Anderson, Ronald D. Oct 4, 2021 2545
CHANGE FATIGUE. Young, Rachel Oct 4, 2021 509
The Implications of Economic Change in Indonesia for Social Class Formation. Booth, Anne Report Oct 1, 2021 11896
From Big Shot to Parent: Penny Serenade's Depiction of Moral Transformation. Wartenberg, Thomas E. Critical essay Sep 22, 2021 8384
On change. Editorial May 29, 2021 533
The Age of Change: The SLA's new President reflects on the year, and how change is the only certainty there is, and how we can help those in the future... Gerver, Richard Mar 22, 2021 746
Change is coming. Boyce, Richard Mar 15, 2021 791
Change is a Cat. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. Jul 1, 2020 3737
Adjusting to the Pivot Point: "People usually are not big on slow changes, even those that accompany miracles. Take baby steps, friends advise one another sympathetically during difficult life passages, but no one enjoys those halting, faltering, falling-down baby steps. Wobbling and stumbling are less cute when you are not a toddler.". Puterbaugh, Dolores T. May 1, 2020 1113
We long for real change. Motswatswa, Kelebogile Essay Jun 1, 2019 1248
AMERICAN CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY: Vol. 93, No. 1, Winter 2019. Author abstract Mar 1, 2019 1150
CHANGEABLE. Jimenez, Jesus Brief article Sep 22, 2018 166
From "Resolute" to "Dissolved": Tracking Faustus's Decision. Hargitai, Marta Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 6646
HOW NOT TO IMPROVE THE ESTATE: LOPPING & CROPPING JANE AUSTEN. Miller, Sydney Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 10934
Retiring the elephants. Childers, Jana Sep 4, 2017 630
The elusive Easy-peasy. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. Sep 1, 2017 1118
Are real changes now possible: where next for Corbyn and Labour? How do we build on the hopes raised in the June election? Rustin, Michael Essay Jun 22, 2017 6080
What changes, what stays the same. Denzine, Gypsy Jun 22, 2017 357
Transition: A Fugue. Pero, Allan Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2017 1799
Potential Unfettered: Narrative Transformation as Historical Transition in Ulysses. Janzen, David W. Critical essay Jun 1, 2017 8052
Transition as Impasse: Critical Neoliberal Realism and the Problem of Agency. Veldstra, Carolyn Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2017 7718
Is Care Enough? Thiyagarajan, Nandini Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2017 1069
Phronesis: Vol. 62, No. 2, 2017. Abstract Jun 1, 2017 414
Which team are you on? O'Reilly, Bill; Feirstein, Bruce Apr 1, 2017 371
Seeking comfort in past media: Modeling media nostalgia as a way of coping with media change. Menke, Manuel Report Feb 1, 2017 9293
Managing ourselves and helping others through transitions. Ulrich, Beth Editorial Nov 1, 2016 643
Be the change. Todd, Mary Mar 22, 2016 617
Change, even for the better, can make us uncomfortable. Colvin, Beth Mar 22, 2016 428
I might be fundamentally mistaken. Ridge, Michael Oct 1, 2015 11581
Transformative times: Australian journalists' perceptions of changes in their work. Hanusch, Folker Report May 1, 2015 7673
Soul seeing. Malloy, Rick Feb 13, 2015 834
"Where is --?": culture and the process of change in the development of inclusive schools. McMaster, Christopher Report Jan 1, 2015 8954
We must learn to change. Dover, Michael P. Column Jan 1, 2015 443
The Differentiating Characteristics of Societal Cultures: An Examination of Societal Values, Practices and Potential for Change. Baniasadi, Hossein; Dastmalchian, Ali Report Jun 1, 2014 6616
Reparative therapy. Faiello, Dean A. Essay Mar 22, 2014 5051
Chrysopoeia: metaphysical reflections on transformation in James Dickey's "The Owl King". Norman, Benjamin Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 2163
Sunday worship turning stale? Maybe it's time to think small. Ehrich, Tom Essay Mar 17, 2014 567
Risking change: the road to amalgamation. Wardle, Connie Jan 1, 2014 1294
Change is the only onstant: one family's story of swapping unavoidable change for opportunity, to the benefit of their daughter with developmental disabilities and her peers. Kennedy, Y. Ralph M. Dec 1, 2013 1858
Order and change in international politics. Petcu, Radu Report Oct 1, 2013 2275
Emerson, modern literature, and the question of Goethe. Robinson, David M. Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 6070
Embracing the seasons of life: the church may change, but Jesus is constant. Malnick, Heather Essay Jul 1, 2013 588
President's message. Vallejos, Vicki Essay Mar 22, 2013 799
The other one percent. Saunders, Don Column Mar 1, 2013 887
China, Russia, and the failure of the responsibility to protect in Syria: does the fear of regime change offer a serviceable explanation? Janik, Ralph Report Mar 1, 2013 9751
On eagle's wings: a hope in change. Ringo, Ronald R., Jr. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 354
Virtuality and resistance: situating the manifesto between command and political metamorphosis. Applegate, Matthew Essay Dec 1, 2012 10187
What we can do to change the world. Sep 1, 2012 416
One on one. O'Connell-Cahill, Catherine Essay Jul 1, 2012 572
Best in the business recipients exemplify change in corrections. Danberg, Carl C. Jun 1, 2012 497
Following the Breadcrumbs. Shulevitz, Judith Apr 3, 2012 1018
System equilibrium, transitions, and demands of the excluded. Bariagaber, Assefaw Essay Mar 22, 2012 5809
Passionate determination: all of us in the MS Movement are connected by the passion to create meaningful change in the lives of people affected by MS. We are activists. Zagieboylo, Cyndi Mar 3, 2012 482
New Year, new beginnings. Rollins, Judy A. Editorial Jan 1, 2012 1072
Andre Gide's quest for authenticity. Petcu, Carmen Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 2323
Incubating change. Mitchell, Penni Jan 1, 2012 751
Change from the inside out: we need to kneel at the cross before moving forward. Lipsett, Don Cover story Jan 1, 2012 825
Refresher course: how do designers stay relevant? They master the art of change. Rubinstein, Dan Dec 1, 2011 354
Lifestyles and values. Nov 1, 2011 593
Good to great: change is good--and necessary. Horst, Rick Column Oct 1, 2011 568
A Rose by any other name is a ... dandelion? Leclair, Susan J. Sep 22, 2011 1007
The day everything continued to change: an overlooked lesson of 9/11: America's strength is based on dynamism. Welch, Matt Editorial Jul 6, 2011 1257
Business as usual: calls for change both passed and passed over. Maclachlan, Amy; Purvis, Connie Conference notes Jul 1, 2011 2049
The power of the personal. Priesnitz, Wendy Editorial May 1, 2011 631
Kore-eda's ocean view. Ehrlich, Linda C. Critical essay Apr 13, 2011 6701
How my mind has changed. Klein, Ralph W. Column Apr 1, 2011 1112
Change is coming: God's plans are unfolding. Gale, Herb Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2011 630
What to count on in a world of change. Graves, Earl G., Sr. Column Jan 1, 2011 705
Thomas S. Kuhn's institutional theory of stability and change. Vogel, Rick Essay Jan 1, 2011 9157
Editor's preface. Semeiks, Jonna G. Editorial Sep 22, 2010 1603
Beyond Repair. Brostoff, Marissa Sep 3, 2010 1271
The SOP model of change as a new way of looking at causality. Glassop, Linda Irene Report May 1, 2010 3059
The Energy of Change. May 1, 2010 773
Changed from within. Feb 19, 2010 740
Models learning change: connecting theoretical models to the natural world of complex systems. Henshaw, Philip F. Report Jan 1, 2010 8328
Back from the future: the impact of change on airpower in the decades ahead. Clodfelter, Mark Essay Sep 22, 2009 8593
The narrative model of Yijing. Xiao, Xiaosui Report Jul 1, 2009 6515
Researcher and researched: the phenomenology of change from face-to-face to online instruction. Crawley, Frank E.; Fewell, Martha D.; Sugar, William A. Report Jun 22, 2009 6439
Tinkering change vs. system change: without the willingness to make courageous, transformative changes, public education risks the likelihood that its many small changes will lead to no change at all. Hubbard, Russ Jun 1, 2009 1724
Embracing change. Nicholson, Natasha Editorial May 1, 2009 425
Progressive change in Emerson's 'the Conservative'. Savage, Daniel M. Essay Mar 22, 2009 7787
Aristotle on the order and direction of time. Bowin, John Mar 1, 2009 14047
Pushing the boundaries on mentoring: can mentoring be a knowledge tool? Henriques, Paulo Lopes; Curado, Carla Report Mar 1, 2009 8731
Understanding the root causes of change and the emerging chaos. Loewer, Otto J. Mar 1, 2009 1032
For both universe and life, only constant is change. Siegfried, Tom Editorial Feb 14, 2009 436
Can you spare some change? A word and concept whose time has come. Tratensek, Dan M. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2009 642
The transformation of air forces on the Korean Peninsula. Wood, Stephen G.; Johnson, Christopher A. Sep 22, 2008 2940
For Obama's Voters, It's Change; for McCain's, Experience; Only 3% of McCain supporters volunteer "change" as reason for their vote. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 16, 2008 634
The politics of change. Wallis, Jim Essay Mar 1, 2008 1035
Change happens: deal with it. Kimbrough-Robinson, Carla Mar 1, 2008 884
A new reconstruction of Zeno's Flying Arrow. Arsenijevic, Milos; Scepanovic, Sandra; Massey, Gerald J. Critical essay Mar 1, 2008 17227
How do most people encounter change? Orakwue, Stella Feb 1, 2008 1739
Changes in energy industry show greater policy education. Freedenthal, Carol Editorial Feb 1, 2008 1142
Real change for a change. Editorial Jan 1, 2008 358
How changes in the Pacific/Asia region are shaping social work education and practice in Hawai'i. Matsuoka, Jon K. Editorial Jul 1, 2007 1416
Listening to others builds support for change. Smith-Trudeau, Priscilla May 1, 2007 1454
Human nature, cosmic evolution and modernity in Holderlin. Cummins, Neil Paul Jan 1, 2007 7113
Change: friend or foe? Christenson, James Jan 1, 2007 1282
"And I am changed also": Mr. Knightley's conversion to amiability. Kenney, Theresa Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 4605
Changing conventions. Kreyche, Gerald F. Jul 1, 2006 1006
The stress of change: working through life: change is good, they say, but our bodies sometimes tell us otherwise. This article explains how changes in our lives can introduce stressors and suggests what we can do about them. Ferguson, Donald G., II Jun 22, 2006 1197
Epic Tears: The Dislocation of Meaning in Faulkner's "The Bear". Danner, Bruce Critical essay Dec 22, 2005 10021
Phronesis: Vol. 50, No. 4, October 2005. Dec 1, 2005 772
A systems approach to entropy change in political systems. Byeon, Jong Heon May 1, 2005 5623
Tina Trang: George Washington Carver High School Houston, Texas. Trang, Tina Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 141
Pattern of the field. Hardin, Sonya R. Editorial Jan 1, 2004 421
Written expression and the potential to enhance knowing participation in change. Butcher, Howard Karl Column Jan 1, 2004 5871
Democrats are better for news. (Media/Law). Jones, Ken Jul 1, 2003 893
The limits of complexity and change. Modis, Theodore May 1, 2003 3078
Change is good. (Frankly Speaking). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 491
Growth in hard times: surviving--and thriving--amidst chaos isn't impossible. The secret lies in corporate culture, a contrarian attitude, the art of anticipation, and change strategies. (Perspectives: Strategy). Peters, Diane McFerrin Aug 1, 2002 1355
Who moved my beer? Edmunds, Karl May 13, 2002 1201
The athletic director and change. (A.D.Ministration). Hoch, Dr. David Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 597
Resolved to change. (Editorial). Fetter, Marilyn S. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 793
The spur of crisis & the pain of change: We are neither optimists nor pessimists but people of hope. (word alive). Siverns, Ted Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 847
Who Moved Our Cheese? Learning to Welcome Change. (Business Matters). McMurray, Paul; Remmers, Kristin Nov 1, 2001 1589
The complex, changing environment: a relative perspective. (From The Editor). Hughey, Kenneth F. Oct 1, 2001 1066
Lessons from Life: The Biology of Business Transformation. Rose, Jeffrey S. Sep 1, 2001 3699
Renaissance Man. Cooper, John Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 1923
Leaders on the Grow. Clemmer, Jim Apr 1, 2001 2689
Pandimensional awareness, purposeful change and the kaleidoscopic cosmos. Todaro-Franceschi, Vidette Column Jan 1, 2001 3135
Things are different here. ORLOFF, CHET Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 766
The Power of Web Collaboration. Jones, Penni May 1, 2000 1096
Communicating Change: Four Cases of Quality Programs. Lewis, Laurie K. Apr 1, 2000 11190
And FINALLY ... Matola, Thomas Jan 1, 2000 789
You Want Me To Do What? Greathouse, Joanne S. Nov 1, 1999 3036
What is your association becoming? Fabian, Nelson Jul 1, 1999 1380
What makes technology grow? Mar 22, 1999 1971
Change \'chanj\. Dugan, Mike Jan 1, 1999 397
Changes all around us. Grant, Jean Marie; Wolffe, Robert J. Dec 1, 1998 1047
The Borg were right: resistance is futile. Batz, Jeannette Brief Article Oct 9, 1998 654
If you want to homestead, do it now! Brief Article Jul 1, 1998 406
An applied social systems procedure for generating purposive sound futures. Passig, David Jul 1, 1998 5989
Guidelines for facilitating systemic change in school districts. Jenlink, Patrick M.; Reigeluth, Charles M.; Carr, Alison A.; Nelson, Laurie Miller May 1, 1998 8603
Change for the better: understanding the process of change to help ease clients into a healthy lifestyle. Riebe, Deborah May 1, 1997 1739
Viewpoint. McIntyre, James A. May 1, 1997 451
The improvising organization: where planning meets opportunity. Crossan, Mary M.; White, Roderick E.; Lane, Henry W.; Klus, Leo Mar 22, 1996 7613
The myth of managing change. Critchley, Bill Mar 1, 1996 4311
A book for all seasons, including a time to sow. Swanson, John August Sep 8, 1995 792
How not to change the theory of theory change: a reply to Tennant. Hansson, Sven Ove; Rott, Hans Sep 1, 1995 8623
Changing the theory of theory change: towards a computational approach. Tennant, Neil Sep 1, 1994 12415
Taking charge of change. Motley, Apryl Aug 1, 1994 2388
Misoneism ... say what? Barry, John M. Column Mar 1, 1994 479
Surviving organizational change. Svehla, Trisha Jan 1, 1994 757
Change and cultures: reality presumptions in China and the West. Blair, John G. Sep 22, 1993 8321
Strategies for handling imposed changes. Harmon, Shirley Sep 1, 1993 3140
How to become changehardy, part 2. Harmon, Shirley Aug 1, 1993 3216
Making your New Year's resolutions stick. O'Leary, Stephanie Jan 1, 1993 1992
Bessie Head's 'The Collector of Treasures': change on the margins. Harrow, Kenneth W. Jan 1, 1993 6063
What's past is prologue: on change and mourning in the American theatre. London, Todd Jul 1, 1992 4743
Cabin in the sky: a couple dares to start a new life in the Rocky Mountains. Big, Joshua Jun 1, 1992 3713
The change factor. Gates, James D. Jan 1, 1992 2323
Leadership in the new era. Theobald, Robert column May 1, 1991 695

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