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Change of heart.

Joyce Roche is on the move again, and still demanding that it's her way or no way. BLACK ENTERPRISE has covered Roche from the height of her 19-year career at Avon to her three-year career at Carson Products Co. In August 1991, Roche was featured in BLACK ENTERPRISE'S "21 Women of Power and Influence in Corporate America," and in February 1993's cover story, "40 Most Powerful Black Executives." Roche began gracing the covers of BE in 1996 ("Be All You Can Be," February), when she left her post at Avon as senior officer for marketing of global brands because she felt her decision-making autonomy was being challenged. At that time, Roche decided to join Carson, based in Savannah, Georgia, as executive vice president of global marketing. Within a year she became president and COO of the ethnic haircare company, but resigned soon afterward.

"I left Carson in September '98. The new CEO [Gregory Andrews] came in and he wanted to be president and have direct reports," said Roche. "We worked together for three or four months, but it became obvious that our jobs were overlapping, so I decided to resign," Roche explains simply.

She has recently resolved to lead the aggressively growing, nonprofit organization Girls Inc. in New York, a national youth organization dedicated, as it describes itself, to "inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold." "I wanted to do something beyond doing good for the bottom line of a company," says Roche.

Now the president and CEO of Girls Inc., a 50-year-old organization with 130 affiliates and t,000 sites across the nation, Roche says she plans to stay where she is for a while. "I feel very comfortable in my decision".
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Title Annotation:Joyce Roche heads Girls Inc.
Author:Richardson, Nicole Marie
Publication:Black Enterprise
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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