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Change of command.

Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6): Capt. John W. Funk relieved Capt. Neil R. Parrot, 13 Jan.

George H. W. Bush (CVN 77): Capt. DeWolfe H. Miller III relieved Capt. Kevin E. O'Flaherty, 25 Feb.

Harry S. Truman (CVN 75): Capt. Joseph M. Clarkson relieved Capt. Herman A. Shelanski, 18 Feb.

HSC-85: Cdr. Michael S. Newman relieved Cdr. Paul G. Mattingly, 21 Mar.

NAS Oceana, Va.: Capt. Markham K. Rich relieved Capt. Mark R. Hunter, 27 Feb.

NTWL: Col. Joseph A. Mortensen relieved Capt. Thomas W. Huff, 19 Dec 08.

Strike Force Training Pacific: RAdm. Kenneth E. Floyd relieved RAdm. David L Philman, 6 Feb 09.

TACRON-12: Cdr. Kenneth B. Canete relieved Cdr. John A. Pestovic, 6 Feb.

VAQ-131: Cdr. Leif Steinbaugh relieved Cdr. Brad Jensen, 2 Feb.

VAQ-137: Cdr. Gary J. Patenaude relieved Cdr. James M. Lins, 7 Jan.

VAQ-139: Cdr. Darryl L. Walker relieved Cdr. Bruce W. Hay, 6 Mar.

VAW-117: Cdr. Valerie R. Overstreet relieved Cdr. Brian L. Morgan, 6 Feb.

VFA-34: Cdr. Edward C. White relieved Cdr. Scott L. Knapp, 9 Jan.

VFA-37: Cdr. Jeffery T. Anderson relieved Cdr. James W. Sigler, 19 Feb.

VFA-151: Cdr. Jeffery Hyink relieved Cdr. Eric Venema, 26 Feb.

VR-54: Cdr. Steven L. Irvine relieved Cdr. Michael L. Marlowe. 28 Feb.

VR-58: Cdr. Ken Johansen relieved Cdr. Fermin Mendez, 21 Feb.
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Title Annotation:John W. Funk, Joseph M. Clarkson and Michael S. Newman appointed
Publication:Naval Aviation News
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Date:May 1, 2009
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