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Change of command. (People Planes Places).

CVW-3: Capt. Mark A. Vance relieved Capt. David L. Phulman, 12 Jan.

Electronic Attack Weapons School: Cdr. Angelo A. McCoy relieved Cdr. Paul S. Diliman, 8 Jan.

Iwo Jima (LHD 7): Capt. John W. Snedeker relieved Capt. John T. Nawjocki, 13 Dec 02.

VFA-136: Cdr. Scott D. Conn relieved Cdr. Thomas M. Downing, 7 Feb.

VFA-137: Cdr. Walter H. Stammer III relieved Cdr. David M. Dober, 15 Jan.

VMR-1: Lt. Col. Jon C. Cunningham relieved Lt. Col. G. G. Garfield, 17 Jan.

VR-62: Cdr. Rob Smith relieved Cdr. C. H. Harris, 11 Jan.

VS-41: Cdr. Ross A. Myers relieved Capt. Edmund L. Turner, 10 Apr.

VT-28: Cdr. David R. Price relieved Cdr. Richard W. Watson, 15 Nov 02.

VX-23: Capt. Steven Rorke relieved Col. Joe Mortensen, 24 Jan.
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Author:Ball, Joz Dan
Publication:Naval Aviation News
Date:May 1, 2003
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