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Change of command.

Boxer (LHD 4): Capt. Bruce W. Nichols relieved Capt. Thomas J. Culora, 8 Dec 2005.

CNATTU: Cdr. David W. Peacott relieved Cdr. Mitch A. Heskett, 23 Jun 2005.

CVW-9: Col. Douglas P. Yurovich, USMC, relieved Capt. James Spence, 19 Jan.

CVW-11: Capt. David B. Woods relieved Capt. Thomas A. Cropper, 19 Dec 2005.

Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69): Capt. James D. Cloyd relieved Capt. Charles E. Smith, 1 Sep 2005.

FAIRWESTPAC: RAdm. Arthur J. Johnson relieved RAdm. Kenneth W. Deutsch, 7 Sep 2005.

HS-2: Cdr. Ritchard R. Thompson relieved Cdr. Michael D. Horan, 9 Dec 2005.

HS-6: Cdr. Gregory T. Eaton relieved Cdr. Steve A. Swittel, 30 Nov 2005.

HS-15: Cdr. Arthur F. Trahan, Jr., relieved Cdr. Andrew A. Butterfield, 23 Jun 2005.

HSL-47: Cdr. Daniel E. Boyles relieved Cdr. Frank J. Michael, 8 Dec 2005.

MAG-11: Col. James L. Stalnaker relieved Col. Earl S. Wederbrook, 14 Jul 2005.

NAS Brunswick, ME: Capt. George G. Womack relieved Capt. Robert S. Winneg, 22 Jul 2005.

NAS Meridian, Miss.: Capt. Russell P. Knight relieved Capt. Jeffrey K. Dickman, 12 Aug 2005.

NASC: Capt. Stephen H. Kirby relieved Capt. A. J. Gallardo, Jr., 16 Jun 2005.

Ronald Reagan (CVN 76): Capt. Terry B. Kraft relieved Capt. James A. Symonds, 17 Nov 2005.

SEACONWINGLANT: Capt. Joseph S. McClain relieved Capt. Theodore P. Algire, 30 Jun 2005.

STRATCOMWING: Capt. Daniel R. Seesholtz relieved Capt. Margaret D. Klein, 14 Dec 2005.

Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71): Capt. John R. Haley relieved Capt. Johnny L. Green, 9 Jun 2005.

TRAWING-1: Capt. Curt W. Goldacker relieved Capt. Daniel L. Ouimette, 22 Jul 2005.

VAQ-130: Cdr. Kimo K.K. Lee relieved Cdr. Thomas A. Slais, Jr., 22 Sep 2005.

An F/A-18E Super Hornet from VFA-137 perfroms a high-speed manuever during a flight demonstration aboard Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). Photo by PHAN Justin R. Blake.

VAQ-133: Cdr. William C. Minter relieved Cdr. Charles M. Gibson, 15 Sep 2005.

VAQ-135: Cdr. Scott Hogan relieved Cdr. Pat Walsh, 19 Dec 2005.

VAQ-138: Cdr. Jerry K. Holden relieved Cdr. William J. Jensen, 18 Aug 2005.

VAW-113: Cdr. John Ring relieved Cdr. Peter Jefferson, 21 Nov 2005.

VAW-117: Cdr. Yancy B. Lindsey relieved Cdr. Karl O. Thomas, 2 Jun 2005.

VFA-2: Cdr. John G. Eden relieved Cdr. David L. Burnham, 15 Dec 2005.

VFA-94: Cdr. Scott Gallagher relieved Cdr. Robert Boyer, 2 Dec 2005.

VFA-105: Cdr. Douglas Verissimo relieved Cdr. Norman Weakland, 2 Dec 2005.

VFA-137: Cdr. Hugh M. Flanagan, Jr., relieved Cdr. Craig W. Yager, 28 Jul 2005.

VFA-147: Cdr. Brett M. Pierson relieved Cdr. Don E. Berry, 15 Sep 2005.

VFA-195: Cdr. Samuel J. Paparo relieved Cdr. Michael A. Wettlaufer, 25 Aug 2005.

VFA-201: Cdr. A. Douglas Beal relieved Cdr. Edward H. Hill, 10 Dec 2005.

VFA-211: Cdr. Robert Geis relieved Cdr. Mike Whetstone, 9 Feb.

VFC-12: Cdr. Joe D. Breedlove relieved Cdr. Michael Crane, 19 Nov 2005.

VMFA-115: Lt. Col. Randy A. Nash relieved Lt. Col. Jonathan D. Covington, 29 Jul 2005.

VP-62: Cdr. Guy Jackson relieved Cdr. Mark Fava, 5 Nov 2005.

VS-32: Cdr. John Breast relieved Cdr. W. Kelly Henderson, 16 Nov 2005.

VT-3: Lt. Col. Robert M. Coleman, USAF, relieved Cdr. Lawrence K. Zelvin, 1 Sep 2005.

VT-9: Cdr. Jason B. Burke relieved Cdr. Michael J. Horsefield, 23 Sep 2005.

VT-22: Lt. Col. Gregg Deeb, USMC, relieved Cdr. Mark McLaughlin, 10 Nov 2005.

VX-9: Capt. Bruce W. Feeht relieved Capt. Wade C. Tallman, 5 Apr 2005.
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