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Change is inevitable: make the transformation now.

LMA-LA recently held its "Transformational Change ... Are You Ready?" program that addressed how people and organizations change. I loved the topic, and it got me thinking: Exceptional leaders understand change is inevitable, yet change for change's sake usually just creates a mess of frustration, waste and cynicism in its wake Transformational change, however, implies something else Implicit within the notion of transformation is the idea that change is not just about leading to something incrementally better than what existed before, but that we evolve to a new, radically different state that morphs us closer to our full potential As a professional in legal marketing, I love the idea of transformational change and the promise of what that can mean for ourselves personally, for the lawyers and clients we work with and for the profession of law overall. So, how do we elevate our game from being simple change agents to leaders of transformational change?

One of my biggest hopes for each of you is that this becomes a year for you to explore and experience transformational change as leaders in your organizations One of LMA's main goals is to equip you to be transformational change agents through the many educational offerings, idea-sharing and networking opportunities with your ever-knowledgeable colleagues, and the resources available at the annual conference. However, it will be up to each of you to grab these opportunities and make the most of them

And, while providing you with the necessary tools to create change, we are also working diligently to position LMA as a transformational change leader If you've checked out the LMA website lately, you'll notice the homepage has been refreshed and the entire website is undergoing a more user-friendly makeover. In addition to that, we've implemented group membership rates that allow for discounted membership pricing and easier invoicing for law firms and service providers with multiple LMA members on staff. There's also a new introduction to LMA video, a new membership campaign and a revamped marketing plan

However, this is just the beginning, and I pledge to think long and hard about how LMA can transform our association to reach its greatest potential and how our association can be a transformational change agent for the profession of law I invite you to think about how you will use LMA to transform yourself, your firm and our profession. Send me your thoughts (asutor@akinabiz. com)on what you plan to do and where you think LMA can have the most impact.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

By Alycia Sutor, LMA President
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Title Annotation:President's Podium
Author:Sutor, Alycia
Publication:Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Date:Jan 1, 2012
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