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Change is in the Air!

By now our entire Air Force is immersed in the groundbreaking "Joint Fall Campaign." Like me, you're probably wondering why we moved directly from our record setting 101 Critical Days of Summer right into this new initiative. After analysis of those reams of mishap stats that you have provided over the years to the Air Force Safety Center, we discovered a disturbing spike in mishaps Center, we discovered a disturbing spike in mishaps in the fall months--particularly in motor vehicle accidents. This revelation was also apparent in our sister services' safety programs, so it was decided at the joint safety level to team up and plan a full court press using the best of each military branch's mishap prevention programs. Keep your eye out for a great blend of integration with our sister services to make a "purple" push and pass a great safety message.


So what can you do to help make this innovative venture a success? First, take note of the changes around you. Regardless of where you are stationed, the environment where you live is changing and adding new risks to your daily life. Whether it is snow, ice, increased rain or simply reduced daylight hours, you need to adapt to your changing situation.

There are a few easy kills to set us on the road to success:

1. Slow down and be ready for changing roadway conditions.

2. Wear reflective gear whenever you step out into adverse weather or reduced visibility conditions.

3. Ensure you and your vehicle are ready for any long distance travel plans--don't push your personal limits.

Second, be a great Wingman especially during the upcoming holiday season. If you see someone about to make a bad decision, intervene to ensure no one makes a quick, life-altering choice that will surely put a damper on this festive time of year. Finally, be extra cautious with the unique threats of the holiday season. Don't be this year's version of Clark Griswold as you attempt to decorate your house for the season. Be vigilant with candles, Christmas trees and other seasonal threats.

As I alluded to earlier, we had a great summer campaign. In fact, we did not have a single Air Force fatality during the long Fourth of July weekend. With the pending series of long weekends we are about to experience, let's set yet another record by making it to 2009 with the same people we have at Thanksgiving! Happy holidays from your ACC Safety Team!

Col Roger L. Wagner Deputy Director of Safety
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Title Annotation:ON SAFETY
Author:Wagner, Col Roger L.
Publication:Combat Edge
Date:Nov 1, 2008
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