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Change folds, not folders.

The B-100-V Folder manufactured by Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. of Hanover, PA, is a versatile crossfolder for paper or nonwovens. It permits quick, easy conversion from one process to another: You can change types of folds, product cut sizes, types of embossing and the four-color flexo printing mix.

Unlike less versatile machines, the B-100-V folds a wide range of medical, personal care and home disposable products from industrial wipes to fancy napkins.

Overfalz-Elsner machines fold a wide range of consumer products including C-fold hand towels, cleaning wipes, handkerchiefs, printed napkins, baby wipes, guest towels, wet wipes, tablecloths and more.

These folders also process an array of medical products such as sponges, dabs, sheets, surgical drapes, towels, covers, pads, cloths, swabs and more.

Elsner and Overfalz Join Forces

Several years ago Elsner was approached by the Overfalz Company to take a license to build and sell the German designed machine. So the company worked out an exclusive licensing agreement under which Elsner would have the right to manufacture and market a version of the Overfalz design built to U.S. specifications.

The B-100-V Comes On Line

Elsner then installed an updated American version of the B-100-V. The basic design uses an interchangeable folding cylinder system that permits easy changeovers from one folded product to another. "Most folding machines are specifically built to make a single fold," said Elsner national sales manager Don Rush. "The B-100-V can make 12 different kinds of folds with a quick changeout of optionally supplied folding plows and fold cylinders. This capability offers tremendous versatility to manufacturers of many different kinds of products."

The B-100-V isn't limited to low-volume jobs. Operating at web speeds from 590 to 984 feet per minute, with no vacuum, it also offers medium volume converters a practical, cost effective alternative for improving production efficiency.

Additional B-100-V features include an automatic tension control for the unwind, electronic braking and automatic photo-electric shut-off. Options include different size fold cylinders, automatic edge guide control, length fold style alternates, double size sheet modification, pneumatic reel lift, four-color flexo printing, edge embossing and a web-turning station.

For more information about Elsner's innovative and complete line of converting equipment, accessories, and support capabilities, write, call or fax Elsner Engineering Works, 475 Fame Ave., P.O. Box 66, Hanover, PA 17331; 717-637-5991; Fax: 717-637-7100.
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Title Annotation:Show in Print; Elsner Engineering Works Inc.'s B-110-V Folder
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
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Date:May 1, 1993
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