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Chanesar Goth operation reveals network of drug dealers, politicians, lawyers: report.

KARACHI -- The latest report about an anti-drug operation in Chanesar Goth by the police carries disturbing details of intricate connections between the law enforcement agency, its special and intelligence branches, excise department, smugglers, and drug traders protecting the illegal business in the city, reported a news outlet.

The report also claims that there is an organised nexus of police, lawyers, notables and political representatives behind the racket. The document titled 'Operation Detail Report - Chanesar Goth, PS Mehmoodabad' contains every-day details of a four-month operation in the densely populated neighbourhood that led to 'almost an end' to drug business in the area where it had been booming for the last 30 years.

The report further said that success was achieved by taking action against numerous policemen ranking from constable to DSP. The supply lines operated by excise officials were severed as well, along with raids and putting 150 drug peddlers behind bars.

Perhaps what is most worrying is that strategy and success of the operation suggest that the police authorities persuaded the 'notables' and 'political leaders' of the area to stay away from manipulating the exercise. This had happened in the past where such exercises were influenced and hence not able to meet their logical end because of political pressure and close contacts of the drug peddlers with the power corridors, sources privy to the details revealed.

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Publication:Pakistan Today (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:Feb 22, 2018
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