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Chandler, Hannah and Merrick, Lauren: I Don't Like Cheese.

Chandler, Hannah and Merrick, Lauren

I Don't Like Cheese

Exisle, 2014, pp24, 7.95 [pounds sterling]

978 1921966 66 8

Who has ever heard of a mouse that doesn't like cheese? It can't be possible or true, can it? Well you are about to find out, for in Hannah Chandler's charming book we meet Mike the mouse who, unlike his fellow mice, does not like cheese. Indeed he turns his nose up at it in favour of what he thinks is a far more refined diet. This book is not just about cheese, though that may be a dominant theme. No, this book is about fussier eaters, about where our food might come from and about how we can be more adventurous if we just try, a little. Mike likes all sorts of exotic food and the human in whose house he lives likes to leave him some wonderfully tasty treats, helping young readers understand where in the world different dishes come from. It also means however that Mike does not always like the food his mother would expect him to eat. When his human goes on holiday Mike's little tummy starts to rumble but will it be enough to tempt him to try his mother's offered dishes?

A delightful story of learning and understanding the importance of trying, this book has been illustrated in a distinctive and clear style by Lauren Merrick using a gentle blend of watercolour paints to create an exuberant, but simple selection of pictures.

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Author:Ellis-Barrett, Louise
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 2015
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