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Chaise Magazine.

Chaise Magazine. Coedited by Bennett Barbakow, Michelle Higa, Noah Norman, and Chris Smith. Creative Arts Council, Brown University. Semiannual. Issue 1 (2004). DVD-ROM format. Subscription or inquires: Chaise Magazine, 97 N. 3rd St., No. 1F, Brooklyn, NY 11211. E-mail: Free (postage is required). For more information and specific postage amounts see the Chaise Magazine Web site at:

Distributed free on DVD. Chaise Magazine is a collection of art and music featuring the work of artists, animators, filmmakers, computer programmers, and composers, particularly emerging artists. An interesting collaboration between art and technology, Chaise allows for the display of art and music without the traditional mediums of gallery spaces, concert halls and record stores. The companion Web site,, posts exhibitions, calls for artwork, tutorials and links to other art resources, and showcases artists from the magazine. The "patented CHAISE technology can support videos, films, music, radio plays, sound experiments, photography, digital stills, interactive text, paintings, performance/installation/sculpture documentation, 2D/3D animations, MAX/MSP/Jitter applications, Director/Flash animations, Java applets and anything else that fits on a DVD/DVD-ROM." (
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Title Annotation:NEW TITLES
Author:Mayhood, Erin
Article Type:Periodical review
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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