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Chair's corner.

This year began with talk of renewal and it will end on that same note. The public has demonstrated renewed faith in the CPA profession as reflected in various polls, and this certainly gives us encouragement. We always will be our harshest judges, as we should be, but it is also encouraging to see that we are beginning to demonstrate renewed faith in ourselves. We know we must continue to earn that faith, but it is nice to see CPAs proud of their profession again.

As I reflect on my travels and experiences of this past year, I see a renewed confidence in CPAs and a renewed commitment to our core values. In particular, I see that renewal demonstrated in the level of volunteerism. I am inspired and humbled by our volunteers and by the incredible staffs of our state societies and the AICPA. The impact of combined efforts by members and staff is powerful testimony to the core values reflected in the CPA credential. Important initiatives would not be possible without talented CPAs taking time away from their field of work to put something back into their profession and into their communities. These same initiatives would not be shepherded to completion without talented state society and AICPA staff contributing their expertise and heart to bring these efforts to successful conclusion.

Working with the AICPA and state societies across the country, I have witnessed volunteerism at its finest. CPAs are contributing their time and talent in everything from the areas of organizational governance such as board, Council or executive committee service to technical committees, ethics, peer review and various outreach initiatives, to name but a few. Opportunities to contribute are endless.

We are making definitive progress in the area of student recruitment and outreach through the efforts of our volunteers and staff. Members interacting with students and providing them with a true picture of what our profession has to offer are finding increasing levels of interest in joining us as CPAs. I have been overwhelmed by the volunteer response to the new 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy campaign. Members are coming forward in record numbers to be a part of this effort to improve the lives of others. The CPA Ambassador program, which trains CPAs to speak on behalf of the profession at a local level, has been met with a tremendous amount of interest and enthusiasm. Members clearly want to serve as spokesmen for our values in their own communities.

It is clear to me that CPAs are giving time back to their profession and to the public, not for economic gain, but because it's the right thing to do. It is also clear to me that CPAs are experiencing a renewal, not just in words but also in action. I am proud to be a CPA and proud to share that renewal process with you. Thank you.
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Title Annotation:American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, chairman's speech
Author:Voynich, Scott
Publication:CPA Letter
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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