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Chainsaw safety suggestions.

COUNTRYSIDE: Love the magazine and all of the information it contains! In the Nov./Dec. 2008 issue I read the article by Jerri Cook on chainsaw basics. I am by no stretch an expert, but with 30 years experience of running a saw I have learned a few things. There is no information that I really disagree with in the article, but I feel there is some important stuff missing.

The most important information I think that is missing is on the personal protection equipment. The most recent information that I could find shows a total of 28,543 injuries from chainsaws in 1999. Of that number 10,310 were to the legs and 10,200 to the left hand. That means roughly 72% of all chainsaw injuries are to these two areas. The article mentions Kevlar boots--the feet had an injury rate of less than 7%.

For less than the cost of a pair of boots a person could buy a pair of chainsaw chaps (about $75) and a pair of chainsaw gloves (about $40) and avoid almost 3/4 of all potential injuries from a chainsaw. I also wear a helmet with ear protection and a face shield on it. I do not disagree with wearing Kevlar-lined boots, but opt not to wear them.

Ethanol is a big issue in the chainsaw and two-cycle engine community. I live in Michigan which mandates a 10% ethanol content in all gasoline. All modern two-cycle engines are designed to run on a gas/ethanol mixture. Most will allow up to a 10% ethanol content with no problem. Ethanol does not provide as much "bang" as gas does. By using premium grade gasoline, the loss is offset.

Regarding the statement that a good saw will run upwards of $300, price them and you will find that good saws start at $300. An average "pro" grade saw that will have replacement parts available and be worth fixing will be in the $400-$500 range.

Thanks for the great magazine.--Roger Hall Michigan

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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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