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Chained Generations.

Chained Generations

Luminitza Sava & Lidia Sava Callvert

Airleaf Publishing

35 Industrial Drive, Suite 104, Martinsville, IN 46151

159453893X, $15.95 1-800-342-6068

Members of the endangered Russian aristocracy when the communist revolution broke out, Count Vladimirovich and his family had to escape the country by crossing the River Dniester to Romania. Although they had to leave their daughter Ludmila behind with her wet nurse, the Count and his wife were able to begin a new life. Ludmila was not so fortunate. She was sentenced to a prison camp and only able to persevere with the help of Dr. Tadeus Vinizikorsky. It was in that prison camp for political undesirables and criminals that she gave birth her daughter Svetlana. Stalin's death eventually resulted in Ludmila's liberation from the prison camp and her reuniting with Tadeus (who had chosen to fight on the front against the invading Germans as a means of getting himself out of the camp). A superbly crafted historical novel that accurately and dramatically portrays the turbulence of war, the trials and hardships the Russian revolution and Stalinism inflicted upon the Russian people, and spanning three generations, "Chained Generations" is a compelling and highly recommended read that ranks along side such classic novels of war-torn communist Russia as "A Day In The Life Of Ivan Ivanovich" and "Dr. Zhivago".
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Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Date:Jun 1, 2007
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