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Chain provides cap security.


Dear Editor,

The wire rope that attaches the caps to the W16 and W3 cables for the M777A2 howitzer just isn't strong enough for daily use. After a few times removing and reinstalling the caps, the wire breaks. Usually that means a lost cap.

Both the W16 cap, NSN 5935-01-559-3903, and the W3 cap, NSN 5935-01-559-3900, are a bit pricey.

We've fixed that expensive problem by replacing the wire lanyard with one made of weldless chain, NSN 4010-01-353-9368. This chain is inexpensive--only 77 cents a foot--but is much harder to break than the wire lanyard. It takes about 15 minutes to modify each cap. Here's how:

1. Remove and save the screw and lock nut from the eyelet on the W16/W3 cable. This disconnects the lanyard from the cable.


2. Secure the cap in a vice. You can use a vice on a workbench or wrecker.

3. Using a #3 flat tip screwdriver from the General Mechanics Tool Kit, pry loose the pin holding the wire to the center of the cap.


4. Cut a 6-in section of the weldless chain. The chain comes by the foot, so order as much as you need to replace all the caps in your unit.


5. Place one end of the chain over the hole in the center of the cap and secure it with a blind rivet, NSN 5320-01-015-6896. Move the chain around the cap a bit. That allows some free play for screwing the cap on the cable.

6. Secure trie chain to the cable using the screw and lock nut that you removed in Step 1. you'll need to leave a little room for free play, so don't over-tighten.

7. Screw the cap back on the cable.

CW3 Demonte Brooks

606th FSC, 1-377th FAR

Ft Lewis, WA

Editor's note: We tip our caps to you, Chief! On some older versions, the wire lanyard is attached to the cable using a rivet instead of the screw and lock nut. You'll need to use a replacement screw and lock nut to modify those cables.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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