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Articles from Chain Drug Review (June 7, 2010)

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"Customer service is our most important priority'. 632
'Pathways to Rx' opened up by CVS. 314
'We're positioned to help our customers communicate'. 321
1 & 2 letter vitamins. Statistical table 416
A major opportunity for Rx. Coopman, Robert Conference news 446
Abbott buys branded generics business. 367
Access to pharmacy services a pivotal issue for NCPA. Conference news 506
Acne treatments. Statistical table 424
Acquisition costs lead to loss. 533
Ads tout network of independent. Brief article 146
Adult incontinence products. 416
Advanced Beauty has breakthrough year. Company overview 603
Agreement reached in suit over Zetia II. Brief article 303
AIDS Fund backed by Bristol-Myers. Brief article 305
Alaven set to step up brand marketing. Company overview 730
Alberto Culver addresses diverse needs. 615
Almay selects Hudson as brand's 'new face'. Brief article 202
Alzheimer's research progresses. Brief article 182
American Greetings fosters connections. Company overview 903
AmerisourceBergen helps its customers compete. 551
AmerisourceBergen, Kamada said to ink deal. Brief article 219
Amneal DC set to be enlarged. Brief article 143
An insulin therapy update. Sloane, Susan 552
Another solid performance turned in by CVS Caremark. Financial report 827
Ansell stays attuned to customer trends. Company overview 711
Antacid tablets. Statistical table 412
Anti-itch treatments. Statistical table 412
Article eyes test strip risk. 227
As obesity increases, so will the incidence of Diabetes II. 616
As times change, so do shoppers. 902
AstraZeneca, Pfizer get new execs to head R&D. 323
At MSI, it's all about service. Brief article 140
Atico's LIFElabs gets strong reception. 488
Award to spotlight pharmacists' role. 283
Baby wipes. Statistical table 421
Bartell an innovator in merchandising. 660
Bartell gives back to the people, communities it serves. Brief article 304
Bartell keeps pace with changing Rx profession. 486
Bartell thrives by doing things its own way. Company overview 843
Bayer adds to consumer health offerings. 571
BD rolls out innovation in syringes. Brief article 281
Beiersdorf drives innovation in skin care. 638
Bionime offers a real point of difference. Company overview 471
Blistex expands its Kank-A, Stridex lines. Brief article 189
Boiron offers effective O-T-C alternative. Company overview 548
Bruder offers alternatives in pain relief. 412
CACDS eyes possibility of major changes in sector. 673
Campaign features free tests. Brief article 171
Cardinal goes to 'next level'. 585
Cardinal is 'pleased with continued momentum'. Financial report 1030
Cardinal provides solutions for all types of Rx customer. 632
Cardinal will supply Associated Pharmacies. Brief article 186
CCA Industries keeps momentum going. Company overview 421
CDC Web portal bows. Brief article 228
CE catalog highlights. Brief article 235
Chain helps expand pharmacy's horizons. 296
Cold/allergy/sinus liq./pwd. Statistical table 416
Cold/allergy/sinus tablets/packets. Statistical table 417
Concepts In Health rides growth wave. 873
Contest puts spotlight on portable insulin delivery. 531
Cotton balls/cotton swabs. Statistical table 413
Cough syrup. Statistical table 415
Cough/sore throat drops. Statistical table 417
Customers asked to share their experiences. Brief article 163
Cutis is 'always there' for pharmacists. 630
CVS Caremark is harnessing full range of capabilities. 781
CVS steps up consumer engagement. 372
Dandruff shampoo. Statistical table 433
Delicious Brands' Eclos helps aging skin. 756
Demographic trends bode well for O-T-Cs. 691
Dental accessories/tools. Statistical table 419
Deodorant bar soap. Statistical table 423
Deodorant. Statistical table 402
Despite delay, chains still uneasy. 344
Despite optimism, Canadian consumers feel uncertain. Conference news 509
Dickinson Brands builds on its heritage. Company overview 659
Discount plan a boon for Fruth. 477
Disposable razors. Brief article 426
Distribution network runs efficiently. Occupation overview 460
Dream Water steps up retail distribution. 463
Drug chains find themselves in a difficult spot. Woldt, Jeffrey 700
Drug chains have opportunity in beauty. 687
Drug chains intensify efforts to fight epidemic. 727
DSM Nutritional enters consumer space. 494
Duane Reade helps out LIU's pharmacy school. Brief article 206
E-health system progresses by fits, starts. Brief article 216
Earnings at SDM increase 8.2% on 5.7% sales gain. Financial report 733
Earnings guidance gets raised. 688
Energizer covers all bases in batteries. 756
Eucerin: put your 'skin first'. Brief article 215
EverNutrition builds mainstream appeal. Company overview 522
Execs expect positive trends to continue. Financial report 279
Execs' exit will have big impact. Pinto, David 841
External analgesics. Statistical table 409
ExtraCare 'helps keep costs down'. Brief article 278
Eye shadow. Statistical table 415
Eye/lens care solution. Statistical table 429
Eyeliner. Statistical table 408
Facial antiaging. Statistical table 430
Facial cleansers. Statistical table 416
Facial foundation. Statistical table 414
Facial moisturizers. Statistical table 420
Fake drugs a threat to supply chain. Brief article 135
FDA 'Bad Ad' plan debuts. 436
FGX adds to thriving eyewear lineup. 569
Financial results top expectations in second quarter. Financial report 533
First aid ointments/antiseptics. Statistical table 413
First aid tape/bandages/gauze/lotion. Statistical table 434
Firsthand experience gives management team edge. 686
Foot care devices. Statistical table 416
Foot care/athlete's foot medications. Statistical table 421
Gamla grows AgfaPhoto product roster. 719
Garcoa shifts to 'national brand better'. Company overview 720
Gentiva agrees to pay $1 billion to acquire Odyssey. 384
Genzyme wins o.k. for Pompe disease treatment. 627
Global markets targeted. 414
Glucose monitors get more sophisticated. 573
GM plays pivotal role in merchandise mix. 517
Got Milk campaign offers retail promos. 486
GSK promotes more healthful lifestyles. Company overview 829
H.D. Smith takes service-centric approach. Company overview 604
Hair conditioner/creme rinse. Statistical table 430
Hair spray/spritz. Statistical table 410
Hair styling/setting gel/mousse. Statistical table 431
Hand and body lotions. Statistical table 424
HDMA spearheads advocacy efforts on key issues. 583
HDMA wants single federal standard for Rx pedigrees. 537
Health care reform costs rising. Report 718
Health Care System baffles consumers. Statistical data 350
Health Mart is passionate about helping patients. 609
Health Mart lets franchisees focus on patient care. 379
Health reform, industry goals align. Brief article 284
Heat/ice packs. Statistical table 411
Hollywood Fashion Tape offers solutions. Company overview 441
Homeolab brings safe relief for children. 565
Huggies to launch limited-edition denim diaper. Brief article 189
IBM Research Program to Mine Data. Brief article 138
In-store media network grows. 294
Independents gain needed resources. Brief article 301
Industry leaders gather for signature event. Brief article 271
Ingles adopts EnterpriseRx management system. Brief article 248
InSite extranet system honored. Brief article 220
Internal analgesic tablets. Statistical table 411
IOM: FDA needs revamped regulatory framework. Report 375
J&J's McNeil unit scrutinized by FDA. 616
Japonesque brings pro touch to beauty. Company overview 897
Joint Juice serves up improved formula. Company overview 432
Kendall antibacterial bandage hits retail. 442
Kerr Drug committed to making a difference. 711
Kerr's MTM efforts receive recognition. Brief article 202
Kinray, independents share entrepreneurial bent. Company overview 731
Kodak sharpens customer experience. Company overview 758
L'Oreal boosts already impressive lineup. Company overview 689
Laxative tablets. Statistical table 407
Laxative/stimuland liq./pwd./oil. Statistical table 417
Lewis sets new store prototype. Brief article 214
Life Center highlights offerings. Brief article 258
Lip balm/cold sore medications. Statistical table 423
Lipstick. Statistical table 413
Liquid body wash/all other. Statistical table 425
Liquid hand soap. Statistical table 420
Longevity distinguishes E.T. Browne. 784
LovRub takes on the industry ... naturally. 527
Majestic drives growth in niche oral care. Company overview 439
Making quality products is only the starting point. 474
Managed care services deliver tangible results. 331
Management raises guidance for year. Brief article 209
Manual toothbrushes. Statistical table 420
Marketing stresses venerable chain's dynamism. 787
Mascara. Statistical table 415
Maybelline-Garnier readies new items. 568
McKesson stresses execution, innovation, collaboration. 606
McKesson, UnitedHealthcare team up for MTM plan. 320
Med-Systems promotes sino-nasal health. Company overview 673
Medco's Snow offers ideas about improving health care. 583
Medicare patients see generics prices fall. Report 657
Men's contraceptive. Statistical table 402
Milani is gearing up for expansion of line. Company overview 662
Mineral supplements. Statistical table 415
MinuteClinic post. Brief article 126
Moist towelettes. Statistical table 422
More education needed on diabetic neuropathy. 318
Mouthwash/dental rinse. Statistical table 415
Multivitamins. Statistical table 420
Muscle/body support devices. Statistical table 417
MZB extends its reach in bath and beyond. 525
NACDS appoints VP of state affairs. Brief article 119
Nasal spray/drops/inhalers. Statistical table 417
Nation's oldest drug chain stays true to its principles. Company overview 437
Navarro to hone merchandising strategy. 328
NCPA applauds bill on DME regs. Brief article 125
New concepts put to the test. Brief article 154
New guidance is issued for rotavirus vaccines. Brief article 254
New ideas, focused marketing fuel Kao. 549
New research ignites debate on monitoring. 389
Nice-Pak stresses retailer partnerships. Company overview 554
NIH wants rules for researchers. Brief article 231
Nondeodorant bar soap. Statistical table 412
Ontario pharmacies receive stay. 765
Outlook bullish for the near term. Brief article 137
P&G goes live with eStore shopping site. Brief article 216
Panel seeks to heighten transparency. Brief article 233
Paris Presents 'greens' beauty, bath care. Company overview 635
Pfizer fortifies position in O-T-C arena. 425
Pfizer's workforce to be cut 18% over five years. 546
Pharmacists benefit from advocacy. Brief article 115
Pharmacists top source for health information. 502
Pharmacy services unit posts modest profit gain. Brief article 294
Pharmavite bolsters core brand offerings. 617
Philips zeroes in on consumer lifestyles. 425
Phoenix hones private brand expertise. 412
Power toothbrushes. Statistical table 411
Pricing standards. Brief article 239
Product safety is a priority. Brief article 223
Profits surge 53.5% at McKesson in fiscal 2010. Financial report 930
ProFoot focuses on providing innovation. 365
Program brings clarity to generics. Brief article 191
Progress made on oral insulin. Brief article 173
PRxO generics plan expands its reach. 394
Quest test able to detect both HIN1, influenza A. Brief article 258
Razor cartridges. Statistical table 424
Razors. Statistical table 423
Regular shampoo. Statistical table 431
Response to challenges, opportunities is 'nimble, quick'. 517
Retailer joins alliance to counteract diabetes. Brief article 248
Rexall stores provide one-stop resource for diabetes patients. 676
Rite Aid puts it all together in diabetes care. 788
Rite Aid unveils PL line. Brief article 205
Rx adherence in spotlight. 495
Rx distributors keep health care supply chain on track. 1002
RX school live online CE. Brief article 156
Salon Grafix makes foray into shampoo. 581
Sanitary napkins/liners. Statistical table 416
SDM inks deal to bring Sony to its stores. Brief article 271
Select-A-Vision to expand product lineup. Company overview 772
Shaving cream. Statistical table 416
Shoppers find more consumables options. 471
Small biotech companies to gain from new policy. Brief article 197
SmartHealth watches serve dual purpose. Company overview 601
Social media can provide insights to drug makers II. Conference news 252
Solid growth derived from independent Rx. Brief article 215
Specialized care efforts get support they need. Brief article 150
Specialty Rx sector examined. Brief article 130
Stop Diabetes initiative receives support. Brief article 296
STRIDE everyday catches on at chains. Company overview 660
Students shouldn't wait to get involved. Stolpe, Samuel Conference news 499
Suntan lotions/oils. Statistical table 424
Supervalu turns a profit for quarter and year. Financial report 1117
Tampons. Statistical table 415
Technology solutions a plus for pharmacies. Interview 411
Tool kit targets prescription drug abuse. Brief article 274
Toothpaste. Statistical table 405
Traditional Medicinals: Herbal tea expert. 351
Trend toward consolidation continues. 327
Two weight loss drugs to carry warning about possible risk. 735
U.S. Nutrition builds on winning formula. 578
Understanding shoppers is essential. Brief article 191
Unilever targets men's personal care. 800
Unpredictable flu season yields valuable insights. 5690
USP weighs in on how to enhance drug labeling. Conference news 504
Versions of Lipitor to debut in Canada. 466
Violight sees rising consumer acceptance. 463
W.F. Young plans new marketing strategy. 462
Wahl helps retailers maximize margins. 610
Walgreens fosters optimal wellness. 508
Web site lets Good Neighbor stores level playing field. 373
Weight control candy/tablets. Statistical table 404
Weight control/nutritional liq./pwd. Statistical table 425
WellSpring always puts consumers first. Company overview 610
Wholesalers cope with recession. 571
Women's hair coloring. Statistical table 418
Women-owned suppliers get featured at Walgreens. 296
XenaCare puts a premium on innovation. 398

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