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Cetra/Ruddy working on zoo exhibit. (Design and Development).

Cetra/Ruddy Incorporated, has embarked on a new exhibit for the endangered Siberian iiger on. behalf of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) at the Bronx Zoo.

The firm, recognized as a wildlife conservation specialist, is collaborating with the exhibit designers of the Exhibition and Graphics Arts Department (EGAD), curators and keepers at WCS on the Tiger Mountain exhibit.

Covering three acres, Tiger Mountain will be a year-round exhibit for the Zoo's Siberian tigers. For the past 10 years, Jeffrey Rosenberg, a vice president of the firm, has worked with WCS serving most recently as project director for the architect on the Bronx Zoo's award winning Congo Gorilla Forest.

The announcement was made by Nancy J. Ruddy and John Cetra, principals and cofounders of Cetra/Ruddy.

"We are honored to be playing a role in the creation of a new habitat that will merge animal exhibitry with education to increase the public's understanding and concern for conservation -is-. sues of these mythical animals," said Cetra.

"WCS required an architectural team with wildlife expertise, experience with EGAD's interactive mode of design, and the ability to work on a fast-track mode. Our firm's capability of responding quickly, experience with construction issues as well as innovative building materials and technology was also a key factor."

Working with conceptual sketches and schematic designs by EGAD, Cetra/Ruddy. developed all site, behind-the-scenes, and-public architectural components, and then produced; construction documents. Cetra/Ruddy and the -Bronx Zoo team are creating an exhibit to highlight WCS' Animal. Enrichment program, which allows an animal in captivity to maintain natural instincts, behavior, and well being through interactive activities, while enhancing the keepers ability to care for them. Behind the scenes, a 4,000-SF animal holding building is used for housing and feeding the tigers when not out in the exhibit.

Rosenberg observes, "The ongoing work with the professionals of EGAD that began on the Congo Gorilla Forest continues to be a most extraordinary experience for our firm. Our client's sophisticated understanding of their mission and project goals is unmatched. They clearly recognize what makes an exhibition memorable yet educational for the public."

Cetra/Ruddy together with EGAD is creating an exhibit that immerses the public into the tiger's world. Utilizing the Bronx Zoo's naturally rocky terrain and wooded landscape the site will be enhanced to transport the visitor into the tiger's Amur Valley habitat. Visitors will walk through the entry pergola, along a path in the woods to the first viewing pavilion where they might come eye to eye with a tiger and encounter expansive vistas into tiger habitat.

A second pavilion features an underwater view of tigers swimming and diving for food, and leads to another path meandering through the interactive theater where visitors will learn about WCS' work in tiger conservation.

Based on conceptual sketches and models created by EGAD, Cetra/Ruddy adapted the vocabulary for the pavilions and individual theater elements, which integrate interactive electronic media and graphics to present WCS's educational information and conservation message regarding tigers.
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Title Annotation:Cetra/Ruddy Inc. is developing Siberian tiger exhibit for Bronx Zoo
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
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Date:May 14, 2003
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