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Heavy toll on region's sealife; DEAD SEA CREATURES WASHED UP. Sonia Sharma Reporter Nov 21, 2021 550
Gatwick: The pretty town on an island that's 20 degrees in December where you can see whales in the wild; It's a perfect place to visit all year round. By, Jessica Battison Nov 16, 2021 661
THERE SHE BOHS; Gypsies fans have a whale of time as they reel in the big fish. DAVE DONNELLY Nov 13, 2021 492
Whale rescued in Fife is found dead 24 hours later. GEORGE MAIR Obituary Nov 12, 2021 195
Massive 40ft rare whale stranded on coastline dies despite major rescue mission; Volunteers for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) soon arrived at the scene and found the whale half-submerged in the water. By, Sarah Vesty & Leonie Chao-Fong Obituary Nov 11, 2021 567
For baleen whales, meals are tons of fun. Reuters News Service Nov 11, 2021 604
Shocking photo of 39ft-long whale crushed and dragged across the Pacific Ocean; WARNING -DISTRESSING IMAGES The massive five-tonne whale was caught on a tanker that headed across the Pacific Ocean and it was discovered when it went into the port of Mizushima, in Kurashiki city, Japan. By, Monica Charsley & Tim Hanlon Oct 10, 2021 369
Supermarkets urged to stop selling Faroe Islands seafood after dolphin slaughter; WARNING DISTRESSING IMAGES: Hunters caused widespread outrage when they wiped out a super-pod of 1,428 dolphins. Just 10 days later, the slaughter of 53 pilot whales followed only a few miles from the first massacre. By, Nada Farhoud Oct 3, 2021 408
Here's where you can buy a hot tub in Cardiff just in time for autumn; ADVERTISING FEATURE Blue Whale Spa HAS JUST opened ITS Cardiff ShoWroom in time for autumn. Oct 1, 2021 903
Oman's endangered marine life. Oct 1, 2021 574
Here's where you can buy a hot tub in Cardiff just in time for autumn; Blue Whale Spa has just opened its Cardiff showroom in time for autumn. By, Laura Davies Sep 22, 2021 930
Dead whale washed ashore in Boracay. Sep 17, 2021 226
'Demand for krill oil is stripping oceans of vital food for penguins and whales'; Krill oil is a popular health supplement and part of a billion-dollar industry, but conservationists fear fishing is concentrated in areas crucial to species that depend on it as a food source, writes Nada Farhoud. By, Nada Farhoud Sep 12, 2021 447
Fossil of previously unknown four-legged whale found in Egypt. Reuters News Service Sep 10, 2021 342
MEC David Maynier on Tourism Month 2021. Sep 9, 2021 499
Determining Optimum Location and Sizing of Distributed Generation Systems in a Real Radial Distribution Network. Kaya, Anil; Bozkurt, Altug Sep 1, 2021 4134
North London boy, 12, spends summer holidays making £291,000 by selling his whale art online; North Londoner Benyamin Ahmed sold his artwork on the cryptocurrency market after creating thousands of unique pixelated whales. By, Levi Winchester & Tara Cobham Aug 30, 2021 307
Researchers discover remains of four-legged amphibious whale in Egypt's Fayoum. Daily News Egypt Aug 25, 2021 505
Woman, 77, died of stress heart attack after callous burglars invaded her home; Maureen Whale was killed by the stress of a burglary after callous crooks broke in while she was at home and took just a few quid -her family are demanding justice for the 77-year-old. By, Adela Whittingham Aug 25, 2021 397
Bitcoin 'whales' jump back into market during cryptocurrency's rebound to $50,000. Aug 24, 2021 332
Irish sighting of rare blue whale nets huge hope. NICK BRAMHILL Aug 2, 2021 192
Irish sighting of rare Blue Whale nets huge hope. NICK BRAMHILL Aug 2, 2021 205
PTCL signs strategic contract with Whale Cloud Technology. Jul 31, 2021 330
Jonah II: Return of the whale. Jul 30, 2021 310
Whale deal as scientist spots rare Irish visitor. CONNOR LYNCH Jul 28, 2021 296
Fears for welfare of whale; it has moved from the sound to whitsand bay. ALEX GREEN Jul 21, 2021 364
Crowds stunned as whale seen in Sound. Jul 16, 2021 230
Chinese workers save 9 of 12 beached pilot whales with two back in wild. Jul 12, 2021 387
Whale blood in the water; EXCLUSIVE. Dan Warburton Jul 11, 2021 258
Waters turn red after hundreds of pilot whales slaughtered for gory annual 'tradition'; WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: At least 175 whales were killed for meat in the hunt caught on camera by conservation group Sea Shepherd, who called the event 'barbaric'. By, Dan Warburton Jul 10, 2021 400
Bryde's whale makes rare appearance in S China. Jul 9, 2021 176
Immersive whale and waterfall media art to appear in New York's Times Square. Jul 8, 2021 358
New discovery shines light on Saudi Arabia's ancient marine environment. Nada Hameed Jul 6, 2021 1042
Beach visitors warned not to approach whale. Jul 3, 2021 299
Scientists probe carcass of giant white whale found floating in Gulf of Thailand. Jun 30, 2021 195
I forgot to put on suncream and ended up looking like a Beluga whale; Allergic reaction caused head to swell. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Jun 28, 2021 421
Mum's warning after extreme reaction to sun left her left looking like a 'Beluga whale'; Emily Hutchison's partner quickly realised something was wrong as her forehead was left swollen and soon her entire face swelled up in a severe reaction. By, Vivienne Aitken Jun 28, 2021 445
5 melon-headed whales wash up on remote Seychellois island; cause of death not known. Jun 26, 2021 441
IN AWE OF RIGHT WHALES: CLF's Adilson Gonzalez Morales shares his first sighting of a rare North Atlantic right whale--and how we can help make sure it's not his last. Jun 22, 2021 697
Giant replica of Planet Earth and 18-metre whale coming to Wakefield city centre for Festival of the Earth; A giant replica of Planet Earth and an 18-metre whale are coming to Wakefield as part of a three month-long festival to promote climate change action. David Spereall Jun 14, 2021 436
Man Swallowed By Humpback Whale Survives Attack. Jun 13, 2021 369
Minke whales spotted off the Yorkshire coast as wildlife spotting trips set to start next month; Minke whales have been spotted enjoying themselves in the sea off the Yorkshire coast much earlier than usual. Jonathan Pritchard Jun 7, 2021 206
People urged to stay away from Northumberland beach after carcass of 26ft whales is washed up on shore; A Coastguard team has issued a strong warning to stay clear of a Northumberland beach over safety fears after a dead whale was washed up on the coast. Fiona Thompson Jun 3, 2021 485
Calls for Norway to cancel whales research. May 26, 2021 255
Animal rights activists call for release of beluga whale from aquarium. May 21, 2021 411
Whale stuck in Thames put down; Rescuers can't save weak calf. MATTHEW YOUNG May 11, 2021 211
Freed whale was 'unlikely to survive'. May 11, 2021 222
Freed whale was 'unlikely to survive'. May 11, 2021 222
Return date pencilled in for iconic Edinburgh whale jawbones in Meadows; The Meadows' most famous landmark is set to return this summer after a seven-year absence. Conor Marlborough May 11, 2021 465
Korea tightens regulations on sales of whales. May 11, 2021 178
Freed whale was 'unlikely to survive'. May 11, 2021 222
Freed whale was 'unlikely to survive'. May 11, 2021 222
Freed whale was 'unlikely to survive'. May 11, 2021 222
Freed whale was 'unlikely to survive'. May 11, 2021 169
Stranded Thames minke whale put down. May 11, 2021 209
Freed whale was 'unlikely to survive'. May 11, 2021 222
Freed whale was 'unlikely to survive'. May 11, 2021 222
Freed whale was 'unlikely to survive'. May 11, 2021 222
Injured baby whale spotted in Thames as rescuers fear 'his life hangs in the balance'; The baby whale was refloated last night before being spotted swimming upstream away from the sea and is running out of river, experts have said. By, Ryan Merrifield May 10, 2021 459
Whale freed after getting stranded in River Thames; Footage posted from the scene showed the whale finally being freed at about 1am. By, Neil Shaw May 10, 2021 405
The Bridlington 'Now and Then' column with Aled Jones: Whale's sad demise used on best-selling postcard; Historic postcard collector and prolific photographer Aled Jones has sent in another set of 'compare and contrast' images for the Brdilington Free Press readers to enjoy. Column May 7, 2021 390
The tiny island boasting a population of 200,000... and that's not counting the seals, whales and dolphins. Georgina McKenzie Smith May 2, 2021 449
South Uist 'Loch Ness Monster' bones: New South Uist resident 'amazed' as she spots 30 foot sperm whale bones for the first time on dog walk; Hannah Burns was on a walk with her golden retriever Bonnie and her boyfriend John when she spotted the 'Nessie' bones on a South Uist beach near Stoneybridge. Hannah Brown Apr 21, 2021 441
Grim pictures show fatberg the size of 'two Blue Whales' removed from under town; A whopping 200 tonnes of unflushable waste, equivalent to two massive blue whales, has been cleared from 50 miles of sewer pipes underneath Southend-on-Sea in Essex. By, Sarah Lumley & Lucy Skoulding Apr 16, 2021 516
BATTERED.. AND BEACHED; 'Sad sight' as 3 whales wash up on one of our most scenic locations. STEPHEN MAGUIRE Apr 12, 2021 302
BATTERED AND BEACHED; 'Sad sight' as 3 whales wash up on one of our most scenic locations. STEPHEN MAGUIRE Apr 12, 2021 295
Whale help you find humpbacks with app; Marine expert says animals may be key to tourism boost. LYNNE KELLEHER Apr 9, 2021 468
Cetacean Morbillivirus and Toxoplasma gondii Co-infection in Mediterranean Monk Seal Pup, Italy. Petrella, Antonio; Mazzariol, Sandro; Padalino, Iolanda; Francesco, Gabriella Di; Casalone, Cristina Report Apr 1, 2021 1355
Suez Canal suspends traffic as ship stuck like 'beached whale'. Reuters News Service Mar 25, 2021 590
Bitcoin whales shifting out suggests research house. Mar 24, 2021 261
right whales in danger: Despite their dire circumstances, North Atlantic right whales can be saved. Mar 22, 2021 896
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 211
Washed-up whale 'dead for some time'. Mar 20, 2021 327
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 209
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 211
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 211
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 211
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 211
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 211
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 211
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 211
36ft whale washed up on our shores. Mar 20, 2021 211
More sightings of pilot whales reported in Sarangani Bay. Mar 16, 2021 163
Ghostly whales, diving guillemots and majestic penguins captured in stunning images taktunning taken by renowned photographer during spectacular polar expeditions. Mar 14, 2021 569
LargestA whale skeleton on display in Phan Thiet Town. Mar 13, 2021 176
Life and Death of Ocean Giants. Mar 9, 2021 550
One-tonne whale washes up dead on beach in Queng Binh. Mar 4, 2021 182
Dozens of whales stranded at New Zealand bay. Feb 21, 2021 267
Whales English completes Series B+ Financing in 2021 to focus on refining educational products. Feb 5, 2021 217
Whales English completes Series B+ Financing in 2021 to focus on refining educational products. Feb 5, 2021 215
Endangered Arabian Sea Humpback Whale saved from entanglement by Oman's Stranding Network. By: Times News Service Feb 2, 2021 702
The first record of a Longman's beaked whale (Indopacetus pacificus) newborn neonate found on Miyako Island, Okinawa, Japan. Kobayashi, Nozomi; Ozawa, Sachie; Hanahara, Nozomi; Tokutake, Koji; Kaneshi, Takaaki; Inoue, Ken; Ok Jan 28, 2021 4713
Carbon-dating of Amphaeng whale proves presence of ancient sea 3,000 years ago. Jan 27, 2021 159
Whales College gets 'Apna Karachi Award'. Staff Reporter Jan 26, 2021 236
Work continues to rescue humpback whale stuck in Oman port. By: Times News Service Jan 20, 2021 157
Rescue of entangled Arabian Sea humpback whale under way in Duqm. Jan 19, 2021 211
Bitcoin whales are profiting as 'weak hands' sell BTC throughout $40K bull run. Jan 13, 2021 2067
First records of Cuvier's beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris, G. Cuvier 1823) strandings along the Tunisian coast. Karaa, Sami; Jerbi, Hassen; Marouani, Sondes; Bradai, Mohamed Nejmeddine; Rosso, Massimiliano Jan 7, 2021 3022
Whale Optimization Algorithm for Solving Association Rule Mining Issue. Heraguemi, Kameleddine; Kadrii, Houria; Zabi, Amira Jan 1, 2021 6998
Multiresponse Optimization for a Novel Compliant Z-Stage by a Hybridization of Response Surface Method and Whale Optimization Algorithm. Dang, Minh Phung; Le, Hieu Giang; Le, Ngoc N. Trung; Le Chau, Ngoc; Dao, Thanh-Phong Jan 1, 2021 9753
A Novel QoS Routing Energy Consumption Optimization Method Based on Clone Adaptive Whale Optimization Algorithm in IWSNs. Xiao, Jing; Liu, Yang; Qin, Hu; Li, Chaoqun; Zhou, Jie Jan 1, 2021 7945
Parents of young son bring whale story to life with relaxing music. Dec 30, 2020 421
Whale carcass found on beach; NEWS IN BRIEF. Dec 24, 2020 200
New population of blue whales discovered by researchers off Oman coastline. By: Times News Service Dec 22, 2020 823
Sing a new song to the world: New blue whale population discovered in Oman. Dec 22, 2020 553
Long-finned pilot whale euthanised after stranding in Outer Hebrides; A long-finned pilot whale stranded around West Loch Tarbert in the Outer Hebrides has been euthanised, wildlife officials confirmed. Gary Flockhart Dec 21, 2020 416
Police Scotland appeal for missing 45kg bottlenose whale skull 'earmarked for study' which was taken from beach near Scottish border; Police have appealed for the return of a missing whale skull after it was taken from a beach close to the Scottish border. Jamie McKenzie Dec 18, 2020 632
Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's a flying whale! Dec 17, 2020 268
Thai man offered $4.2m for whale vomit he found. Dec 15, 2020 377
Watch: Long Finned Pilot Whale spotted circling in the Outer Hebrides; A Long Finned Pilot Whale is circling near the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides and members of the public have been asked to stay away to avoid causing the mammal further distress. Beth Murray Dec 6, 2020 235
Thai researchers unearth rare whale skeleton. Reuters News Service Dec 4, 2020 236
From belly of whale, a fortune in vomit lands on Thai fisherman. Dec 1, 2020 412
Environmental work honoured in Nature of Scotland Awards; Work to save giant skates, efforts to bring beavers back to Scotland, river restoration and a whale-spotting trail are among a host of initiatives honoured at the country's most prestigious annual environmental awards ceremony. Ilona Amos Nov 26, 2020 678
Whale photo that made me lose 9st; Slimmed-down nurse back on ward. EXCLUSIVE by MATT BARBOUR Nov 22, 2020 346
Nurse sheds half her body weight after 'looking like inflatable whale' in holiday snap; EXCLUSIVE: Because of one photograph Tricia Nasskau's fortnight in Cape Verde marked the start of a life-changing weight-loss journey down from 19st. By, Matthew Barbour Nov 21, 2020 345
2 pygmy sperm whales rescued in Dagupan City. Nov 21, 2020 163
Scots scientists track return of blue whales. JOHN ROSS Nov 20, 2020 580
Leading private school sued for return of fees over whale stick abuse allegations. Craig McDonald Nov 15, 2020 375
Dr. Asha de Vos to the rescue. Nov 9, 2020 2690
SJB says whales coming ashore fearing Pavithra will jump into sea. Nov 5, 2020 259
At least three pilot whales washed ashore in Panadura dead. Nov 3, 2020 183
Sri Lankan navy, villagers rescue more than 100 stranded whales. Reuters News Service Nov 3, 2020 183
Dutch whale sculpture catches metro train. Associated Press Nov 3, 2020 184
Nearly 100 whales washed ashore in Panadura. Nov 2, 2020 234
Metro train left hanging over 30ft drop after crashing off tracks -and landing on art; The train was caught by a piece of art titled 'Saved by a Whale's Tail' after it crashed through the stop-barriers at De Akkers station in Spijkenisse, Netherlands. By, Milo Boyd Nov 2, 2020 272
Rotterdam: Whale sculpture catches crashed Dutch metro train before 30ft drop; A Dutch metro train was saved from disaster on Sunday night after it smashed through a safety barrier but was prevented from plummeting into water by a sculpture of a whale tail. Conor Marlborough Nov 2, 2020 369
Emergence of Third-Generation Cephalosporin-Resistant Morganella morganii in a Captive Breeding Dolphin in South Korea. Park, Seon Young; Lee, Kyunglee; Cho, Yuna; Lim, Se Ra; Kwon, Hyemin; Han, Jee Eun; Kim, Ji Hyung Report Nov 1, 2020 2955
Marine team probe Navy link to two whale deaths; Experts say war games noise may have caused sickness. SARAH VESTY Oct 28, 2020 250
Whales washed ashore had the bends. Oct 27, 2020 243
Over 15 types of whales live in Oman. By: Times News Service Oct 23, 2020 160
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
40ft whale skeleton on the move. Oct 20, 2020 214
Nineteen whales die after getting stranded on "treacherous" New Zealand beach; WARNING -UPSETTING IMAGES: The Department of Conservation said the mass stranding happened in Corolamdel on the country's North Island. A rescue operation was launched on Saturday. By, Chiara Fiorillo Oct 18, 2020 444
5 more melon-headed whales found dead on Catanduanes shores. Oct 9, 2020 175
Blast fishing seen in death of 9 melon-headed whales in Catanduanes town. Oct 8, 2020 372
WARSHIPS AHOY ON CLYDE. Gordon Blackstock Oct 4, 2020 242
Navy running spout of time as Operation pod cast fails; Bid to shift whales fails as war games exercises loom. LUCINDA CAMERON Oct 3, 2020 238
WHALES WINNING IN NAVY'S WAR GAMES; Pod defies rescue operation. CHRIS HUGHES Defence and Security Editor Oct 3, 2020 269
Whales tell Navy chiefs: Catch us if you can. Oct 2, 2020 191
Boats to attempt to move whales back out to sea before exercise. Oct 2, 2020 194
Boats to attempt to move whales back out to sea before exercise. Oct 2, 2020 194
OPERATION POD CAST; EXCLUSIVE RESCUE MISSION LAUNCHED Navy need to move family of whales who are blocking nuclear submarine base ahead of war game exercise. MARK MCGIVERN Oct 1, 2020 659
Rescuers to use boats in attempt to herd pod of whales back to sea; Boats are to be used in a planned operation attempting to herd a pod of northern bottlenose whales back out to sea. Gary Flockhart Sep 30, 2020 507
Final whale saved from grim Australia mass stranding. Sep 29, 2020 275
Concern for three whales stranded in shallow waters as a naval base blocks their paths; Three Northern Bottlenose whales have been spotted swimming near Garelochhead, Argyll and Bute after being unable to get back home to the North Atlantic due to a naval base blocking their path. Beth Murray Sep 28, 2020 404
Whale rescuers face grim task in Australia mass stranding. Sep 25, 2020 515
More whales are stranded in Australia. Sep 24, 2020 263
500 WHALES STRANDED ON BEACH. Sep 24, 2020 153
Australia says majority of 470-strong beached whale pod has died. Reuters News Service Sep 23, 2020 399
Whale watchers have 'once in lifetime' experience; WILDLIFE. GREGOR AIKEN Sep 23, 2020 161
Rescuers find another 200 stranded whales in Australia. Sep 23, 2020 491
Hundreds of whales dead in Australia stranding. Sep 23, 2020 590
Headed for History. Shipley, Jonathan Sep 22, 2020 351
Australia attempts to rescue hundreds of stranded pilot whales (V). Reuters News Service Sep 22, 2020 328
Fishing less is a win for lobstermen and endangered whales. Sep 22, 2020 171
Hundreds of whales stranded in southern Australia. Sep 21, 2020 363
Breathtaking footage shows whales swimming off Scottish coast just metres from wild swimmer; The video shows whales jumping through the water in a harbour. Katharine Hay Sep 17, 2020 342
Rare Arabian Sea humpback whale sighted off Qurm beach. Sep 13, 2020 442
Dead whale washed up on beach; EXPERT SAYS INCREASE IN SUCH FINDS INEVITABLE AS NUMBERS RECOVER. HARRI EVANS Daily Post Reporter Sep 12, 2020 322
Humpback whales stray up tropical Aussie river. Sep 12, 2020 375
Water shock as 'whale' is beached. Sep 9, 2020 206
VIDEO - Not one, but two whales spotted in Croatian Adriatic. Sep 9, 2020 295
Billion-dollar bubble? SoftBank 'whale' unnerves global markets. Frank Kane Sep 8, 2020 716
Rare blue whale spotted off Sydney for only third time in almost 100 years; Blue whales are the largest animals on Earth, but they are "largely" invisible even to avid watchers, says an expert who says the sighting off Sydney, Australia, was the first ever to be verified. By, Chris Kitching Sep 5, 2020 519
Incredible moment UK fisherman comes within touching distance of huge pod of whales; Champion fisherman Steve Collett saw more than 50 long-finned pilot whales next to his boat during a shark tagging trip around a mile outside Cornwall's Falmouth Harbour on Thursday. By, Sam Beamish & Matthew Dresch Sep 5, 2020 398
Optimal Trajectory Planning of Grinding Robot Based on Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm. Wang, Ting; Xin, Zhijie; Miao, Hongbin; Zhang, Huang; Chen, Zhenya; Du, Yunfei Report Aug 31, 2020 3937
18 whales die in Mauritius stranding. Aug 27, 2020 471
Tourists urged to sample Kenya's twin migration. Aug 23, 2020 489
Humpback whale migration boosts Watamu tourism. Aug 23, 2020 568
Three kids 'get fright of their lives' coming face to face with minke whale; Incredible footage shows the moment the children came face to face with the whale which appeared from nowhere off the coast of Castletownbere in Cork, Ireland. By, Gavin O'Callaghan & Laura Sharman Aug 22, 2020 306
7 whales die in largest Irish stranding. ANDREW BYRNE Aug 20, 2020 326
Whale move bones. TREVOR QUINN Aug 18, 2020 172
Two beluga whales move step closer to open water; SANCTUARY. Aug 10, 2020 289
Two beluga whales transported to refuge 6,000 miles away in astonishing pictures; Two beluga whales named Little Grey and Little White have been safely moved to their new home at the world's first open water sanctuary for belugas off the Icelandic coast. Incredible images show them being transported in special slings. By, Talia Shadwell & Press Association Aug 10, 2020 484
The oceans. Aug 9, 2020 349
Lucky angler: Whale I never. WATER 2 EXCLUSIVE by JOE O'SHEA Aug 5, 2020 152
Team effort manages to save whale; rescue of stranded minke draws a crowd. DAVID HUNTLEY @davey_huntley Aug 3, 2020 333
Stranded minke whale rescued. Aug 2, 2020 280
Whale dusted down for reopening. Jul 29, 2020 212
Whale dusted down for reopening. Jul 29, 2020 212
Bryde's whale shows off new calf to tourists. Jul 28, 2020 162
Fathoms. Blewett, Kelly Jul 21, 2020 391
Italian coastguard struggle to free sperm whale from fishing net. Reuters News Service Jul 20, 2020 213
'Blue Whale challenge': Police warning over alleged teenage 'suicide game'; The "Blue Whale challenge" -a social media "suicide game" that was a viral urban legend a few years ago -is circulating again within the UK, prompting warnings from police and fears a child could harm themselves. By, Chris Kitching Jul 17, 2020 843
Rare whale dies after stranding in harbour. AAKANKSHA SURVE Jul 5, 2020 202
Whale, calf rescued, returned to sea in Cagayan town. Jul 1, 2020 157
Energy Consumption Prediction for 3-RRR PPM through Combining LSTM Neural Network with Whale Optimization Algorithm. Gao, Yin; Chen, Ke; Gao, Hong; Zheng, Hongmei; Wang, Lei; Xiao, Ping Jun 30, 2020 7846
Tests reveal cause of death of whale stranded in Dee. ZARA WHELAN @CheshireLive Jun 25, 2020 359
Seasonal Occurrence of Cetaceans along the Washington Coast from Passive Acoustic Monitoring. Emmons, Candice K.; Hanson, M. Bradley; Lammers, Marc O. Jun 22, 2020 6382
Fin whale beached in estuary hadn't eaten. Jun 19, 2020 198
10 stranded whales, dolphins die in Ilocos during lockdown. Jun 19, 2020 327
Plans to remove whale after sad end to Dee rescue efforts. ZARA WHELAN AND SALLIE EHLEN @CheshireLive Jun 18, 2020 716
Post-mortem on stranded whale. Jun 18, 2020 219
LOOK: Rare white humpback whale spotted in Australian waters. Jun 17, 2020 306
Experts set to remove whale's body; NEWS WIRE. Jun 16, 2020 212
Beached 40-foot fin whale dies in estuary. Jun 16, 2020 335
Rescuers fail in bid to save 30ft whale; sad end to exhausting attempt to rescue beached giant. ALAN WESTON ECHO reporter @alanweston Jun 15, 2020 380
Heartbreak as whale stranded in Dee dies; TRAGEDY AFTER IT WASHES UP AGAIN IN ESTUARY. HARRI EVANS Daily Post Reporter Jun 15, 2020 344
Sixth whale dies after pod stranded; WILDLIFE. Jun 15, 2020 221
Tragedy as whale weighing 14 tonnes dies despite huge rescue effort on UK beach; The British Divers Marine Life Rescue confirmed 'Henry' is no longer breathing despite earlier hopes he would survive after rescuers and fishermen were able to successfully refloat him at the Dee Estuary near Greenfield, Wales. By, Sallie Ehlen & Elaine McCahill Jun 14, 2020 728
All's whale that ends well as mammal saved. Jun 14, 2020 412
Rescuers in desperate bid to save beached whale. Jun 13, 2020 275
Joy as 30ft young whale swims away after being stuck on Dee mudflat. LYDIA MORRIS Daily Post Reporter Jun 13, 2020 549
'Fingers crossed' young whale returned to open waters. Jun 13, 2020 360
'Fingers crossed' young whale returned to open waters. Jun 13, 2020 360
Fish farm workers have whale of tale to tell; WILDLIFE. Jun 13, 2020 264
Rare whale found stranded in Scotland for first time; One of the world's rarest species of whale has been discovered stranded in the United Kingdom for the first time, researchers say. Jun 12, 2020 576
Desperate rescue launched by Scottish islanders to save pod of '15 whales' stranded on shore; An operation is under way to save a mass stranding of pilot whales on the Isle of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Gary Flockhart and Sam Shedden Travel narrative Jun 12, 2020 525
Stranded whale was rare species. Jun 10, 2020 163
One of world's rarest whales discovered stranded in UK; WILDLIFE. LUCINDA CAMERON Jun 10, 2020 244
Whale that won Canadian hearts believed to be dead. Jun 10, 2020 354
Stranded whale was rare species. Jun 10, 2020 164
Rare whale sighting filmed in deep waters near Charna Island, Karachi. Jun 6, 2020 154
WHALE-LY EXPENSIVE; [euro]150k skeleton removal bill for taxpayers. DARRAGH MC DONAGH Jun 4, 2020 290
Wayward whale takes city break in Montreal. Jun 1, 2020 314
Research on the Detection of Network Intrusion Prevention with SVM Based Optimization Algorithm. Wang, Debing; Xu, Guangyu Jun 1, 2020 3275
Whale carcass is being taken off beach. May 31, 2020 262
A 40ft-long whale has washed up on a beach; It is said to be a fin whale, which can grow up to 80ft in length and is the second largest mammal in the world after the blue whale. By, Sam Russell PA & Victoria Jones May 30, 2020 278
Giant 40ft whale washes up on UK beach as mission launched to move body; A 40ft whale has washed up on Clacton beach in Essex, with police and other organisations including Big Blue Ocean Cleanup now working out how to move the dead animal. By, Matthew Dresch May 29, 2020 299
A huge 40 foot whale has washed up on a beach near London; Police have set up a cordon around the animal. By, Brad Gray & Hannah Kane May 29, 2020 212
Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) sightings off the coast of Virginia. Engelhaupt, Dan T.; Pusser, Todd; Aschettino, Jessica M.; Engelhaupt, Amy G.; Cotter, Mark P.; Richl May 27, 2020 3760
'Whale' in Dubai Mall fountain area creates splash on social media. Web Report May 17, 2020 161
Carcass of sperm whale buried in Surigao. May 15, 2020 177
DENR orders probe into case of dead whale found in Surigao del Sur. May 11, 2020 254
BFAR rescues Pygmy sperm whale, sea turtle in Ilocos. May 9, 2020 190
Application of Whale Optimization Algorithm to Inverse Scattering of an Imperfect Conductor with Corners. Lee, Kun-Chou; Lu, Pai-Ting Apr 30, 2020 5143
A fintastic sight; Ireland is hotspot for whales as 100 return over 20yrs. LYNNE KELLEHER Apr 29, 2020 260
Huge sea change as world's oceans are set to recover; NadaFarhoud Environment Journalist of the Year. NadaFarhoud Apr 6, 2020 473
Comparison of Methods for the Histological Evaluation of Odontocete Spiral Ganglion Cells. Ramirez, Tania; Sacchini, Simona; Paz, Yania; Rosales, Ruben S.; Camara, Nakita; Andrada, Marisa; Ar Apr 1, 2020 5434
Alyssa Irizarry: As the Senior Vice President at Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, Alyssa Irizarry is engaging young people in ocean conservation and advocacy through the arts. Travel narrative Mar 22, 2020 955
right whales on the brink. Morris, Ashira Mar 22, 2020 446
Baby whale dies after beaching; Minke separated from mum. JOHN JEFFAY Mar 17, 2020 200
Injured melon-headed whale rescued, returned to sea in Sarangani. Mar 14, 2020 296
QNL lecture reveals fascinating world of Earth's living giants. Mar 10, 2020 291
QNL lecture unravels fascinating world of creatures from the deep. Mar 9, 2020 298
How Solar Storms Affect Whales. Claudia Z, Writer Mar 4, 2020 489
Daniel's whale off course. STEPHEN MAGUIRE Feb 29, 2020 256
DID YOU KNOW? Whales could save the planet. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Feb 21, 2020 185
but I'm finally at ease with myself' 'I was called a beached whale at 12; EastEndersstar Natalie Cassidy, 36, on growing up in the spotlight, Sonia's style, and the trumpet in her loft. Feb 16, 2020 1585
Heartbreaking images capture tragic final moments of 60ft whale stranded on beach; WARNING -DISTRESSING IMAGES: The whale tragically died on Friday at the Nare Point on The Lizard, Cornwall, after becoming caught on the rocks. By, Neil Murphy Feb 16, 2020 362
Movement of humpback whales between India-Oman confirmed. Times News Service Feb 9, 2020 634
Sperm whale dies after getting stranded near Kent coast for three days; The sperm whale -first spotted off the coast at Whitstable, Kent, and later sighted in The Swale -had just a one per cent chance of survival, an expert said. By, Chris Kitching & Milo Boyd Feb 1, 2020 622
'Arabian Sea humpback whales move around sultanate and India'. Jan 27, 2020 561
Bahrain's Chef & The Whale: Small on space, big on taste. Liz Ellen Jan 23, 2020 823
Huge 12-foot whale washes up on Welsh beach; The pictures were captured on Saturday morning. Katie-Ann Gupwell Jan 18, 2020 198
Whale may hold key to stopping further strandings. Jan 14, 2020 197
Stranded whale was 'wayward teenager' REPORT. Jan 14, 2020 238
Whale wounded while hunting prey returned to sea by rescuers. Jan 13, 2020 227
Video: Massive whales spotted in UAE waters. Web Report Jan 10, 2020 151
Sperm whale which died after stranding in the Highlands 'may have had brain problem'. Jan 8, 2020 418
Sperm Whale Dies After Getting Stranded In Ardersier Shallow Water. Jan Cortes Jan 8, 2020 372
Sperm whale stranded in Moray Firth dies; NATURE. Jan 8, 2020 224
Two minke whales found dead on same day. Jan 7, 2020 180
'Billion Dollar Whale' co-author blasts Jho Low's interview with Singapore daily. Jan 6, 2020 385
Crowds rush to save whales stranded on New Zealand beach. Jan 4, 2020 202
Autonomous System for Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Cetaceans. A.C., Veca; N., Valese; J., Ruzzante; A., Albalat; A., Marino; M.V., Reyes Reyes Jan 1, 2020 4261
Tweet and sour...from WAGATHA to the Prince of Whales.. Twitter's finest 2019 moments. AMANDA KILLELEA Dec 31, 2019 844
Dramatic moment great white sharks devour huge whale carcass off coast of Australia; Jesse Gibson and his friend James Powley were fishing off the coast of Yallingup this weekend when they spotted the huge carcass and then saw the two great white sharks eating it up. By, Chiara Fiorillo Dec 30, 2019 374
How Massive Whales Use Stealth To Feed On Prey? Athena Chan Dec 25, 2019 434
Videos showing blue whales in North Coast likely to be fabricated, Environment Ministry. Daily News Egypt Dec 23, 2019 275
Greta is right to fight for planet; Author's Snail and Whale is s TV treat on Christmas Day; Says Gruffalo creator Julia. EXCLUSIVE by Jen Pharo Dec 22, 2019 1421
Greta is right to fight for planet; Author's Snail and Whale is s TV treat on Christmas Day. EXCLUSIVE by Jen Pharo Dec 22, 2019 1239
Greta is right to fight for planet; Says Gruffalo creator Julia; Author's Snail and Whale is s TV treat on Christmas Day. EXCLUSIVE by Jen Pharo Dec 22, 2019 1257
Environment Min. rejects videos of blue whales sounds in Egypt as fake. Egypt Today staff Dec 22, 2019 338
Whale could be making comeback to town park. CLAIRE HARRISON Nuneaton Reporter Dec 20, 2019 455
A whale could make a triumphant return to Nuneaton's Riversley Park; It has been almost a decade since the beloved stone whale was removed. Claire Harrison Dec 19, 2019 325
The rites of passage every Nuneatonian will recognise; From the Riversley Park whale to chips from Toppers. Emma Ray Dec 15, 2019 743
Jaw-dropping snaps of Polar bear protecting cubs captured by British snapper; Wildlife photographer and conservationist Paul Goldstein has also captured an Arctic fox in its natural environment, humpback whales and a trio of chinstrap penguins in the Antarctic. By, Kelly Jenkins Dec 14, 2019 414
Big breakthrough in whale study; NATURE. NINA MASSEY Dec 13, 2019 197
Whales that can live to 268. Dec 13, 2019 223
Diet Plays A Huge Role In How Big Whales Can Be. Jan Cortes Dec 13, 2019 368
New fossil uncovered in Wadi Al Hitan reveals secrets of whale locomotion. Mohammed El-Said Dec 11, 2019 589
Climate change exposes young generations to life-long health harm. Kate Kelland Dec 8, 2019 658
Tragedy as two dolphins found dead on popular UK beach; The gruesome discovery was announced by Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team on their Facebook page -and they have issued advice to anyone who encounters stranded whales, dolphins or porpoises. By, Shannon Hards & Lorraine King Dec 6, 2019 411
Honour Tribe's Treaty Right To Hunt Whales. Dec 4, 2019 321
Whale: Belly full of plastic. Dec 2, 2019 116
Starved to death; GRUESOME DISCOVERY ON ISLAND BEACH Tragic whale highlights fishing debris danger. KEITH MCLEOD Dec 2, 2019 170
A third whale washes up on Thames bank. KEITH PERRY Dec 1, 2019 129
Docs treat chef who fought maniac with 5ft whale tusk. EXCLUSIVE BY AMY SHARPE Dec 1, 2019 383
Docs treat chef who fought maniac with 5ft whale tusk. EXCLUSIVE BY AMY SHARPE Dec 1, 2019 383

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