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Cesarean case settled.

According to a report in the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) newsletter Civil Liberties (Winter 1990-91), an appeals court overturned the earlier court decision ordering a child be delivered by cesarean (the mother, Angela Carder, had cancer; against the wishes of her family and the advice of h er obstetricians, the court ordered the child be delivered by cesarean. The baby died a few hours after birth, and the mother died two days later.

In a lawsuit brought by the parents of Angela Carder, the appeals court wrote that, "in virtually all cases the question of what is to be done is to be decided by the patient--the pregnant woman--on behalf of herself and the fetus." In addition, George Washington University Medical Center, where the death occurred, agreed to the adoption of new policies "affirming the autonomy of pregnant patients" and offering to help pregnant patients obtain legal counsel in any case where the court is involved.

--Reported in the Midwives' Alliance of West Virginia News, No. 18, Summer 1991.
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Title Annotation:court-ordered cesarean section resulted in death for mother and infant
Publication:Special Delivery
Date:Sep 22, 1991
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