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Certified fire-proof multi rotation handwheel interlock.

The MRL Multi Rotation Lock from Netherlocks has been thoroughly tested and awarded the Fire Test Certificate according to ANSI/API and ISO standards. This means that customers can be assured that even in the event of a fire it will continue to function safely as intended, and will not cause additional disruption to the normal procedure of operation afterwards.

The interlock was subjected to temperatures of nearly 1000[degrees]C for around 20 minutes, and after cooling back down functioned correctly to safely lock and unlock the handwheel valve according to specification.

The test, performed by Yarmouth Research and Technology LLC, found the MRL to be compliant with ANSI/API Standard 607 Sixth Edition--2010 and ISO 10497:2010. During the test the lock was burned with one key in the lock; after cool down the lock remained securely locked unless both keys were inserted, whereby it unlocked and operated smoothly as intended.

Netherlocks' MRL is an interlock for multi rotation handwheel operated valves. Following the interlocking principle, it only allows the handwheel to be turned when two keys are inserted into the lock, ensuring that it can only be operated when it is safe to do so. For example, key 1 might only be released when a relief valve has been opened, thus making it safe to close the main process valve. Once closed, it will release key 2, which can then be used to unlock the next stage of the operation, ensuring compliance with safe procedures.

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Aug 1, 2013
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