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Certified Metrication Specialist (CMS) program.

The USMA CMS Program is designed to provide documentary evidence for individuals who can qualify as metric specialists because of their education and experience in the use of the modernized metric system--known as SI (systeme international d'unites).

The CMS program is structured to help maintain professional standards in the field of metrication. With the United States' conversion to SI, companies, schools, agencies, businesses, and other facilities will seek personnel who, in addition to their job skills, are knowledgeable about SI. The USMA CMS Program is designed to give both employers and employees the documented evidence that an individual's qualifications have been carefully screened to verify that he or she has the background and ability to use the SI version of the metric system correctly.

The South Carolina version of the CMS Program encourages each school superintendent in the state to recommend one person from his/her district to be certified. Ideally we want each of the 1,645 schools in the state to employ a certified metric specialist.

Outline for South Carolina Educators--CMS

South Carolina applicants follow these procedures:

1. Obtain information (including a CMS packet) about the CMS Program

2. Fill out application form and include as references

a. Immediate Supervisor

b. School District Superintendent

c. USMA Eastern Director, Don Jordan

3. List courses taught, number of years of teaching experience, and at what levels (elementary, middle, high school, post-secondary).

4. Make arrangements to take CMS Exam (80% is passing score)

a. By appointment, At SCAS/SCJAS Annual Meeting site, at SCSC, or at the SCCTM Annual Meeting

You may schedule your exam at any one of several sites across the state. See address at bottom of page.

5. Checks should be made payable to USMA CMS Program. A discounted fee ($25.00) can be paid at the time of the exam. (Note: Regular fee is $65.00).

CMS Exam results are confidential.

Names of successful candidates will be added to all USMA lists and, for SC educators, names will be published in both the SCJAS Newsletter and the SCAS Newsletter. Names will also be forwarded to the State Department of Education, the Commission on Higher Education, and the United States Department of Commerce.

Note: The CMS/CAMS Certification Program is an educational project that has the support of the State Department of Education and the following organizations.

SCSC--South Carolina Science Council

SCJAS--South Carolina Junior Academy of Science

SCCTM--South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics

SCAS--South Carolina Academy of Science

USMA--United States Metric Association

For information, to obtain a CMS Exam application, or to schedule an exam, write or call:

Dr. Don Jordan, CMS Program, College of Science and Math, Center for Sci Ed, Sumwalt 323, University of South Carolina, 1212 Green Street, Columbia, SC 29208 Phone: (803) 777-7007 Fax: (803) 777-4396 E-mail:
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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