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Certification corner.

This column is a special one for me because it describes the certification journey of a nurse I have come to know in the past two months of my own journey through chemotherapy and breast cancer. Jill Hire, RN, OCN has been an Oncology nurse for seven and a half years and is currently employed in a Northeast Indiana health system's outpatient chemotherapy unit. She comes to work each day with a smile for each of her patients because she loves her calling as a certified Oncology nurse. Her passion is evident in her interactions with patients and colleagues. She became fascinated with learning every aspect of cancer treatment and realized that no single person can know everything about the myriad changes occurring in care delivery for cancer patients. That led her in 2011 to a quest for certification in Oncology nursing.

Jill's approach was a bit unusual because she had just delivered her son and was home on maternity leave for three months. Her Clinical Nurse Specialist gave her a review textbook with practice tests and Jill rocked her son and read her textbook. She completed the practice tests and scheduled her certification exam. Jill passed her online test and became a certified Oncology nurse. When I asked her why certification was important to her, Jill said that ONS (Oncology Nursing Society) sets standards for clinical performance and certification ensures that she lives up to these standards. She also sees certification as meaningful to her patients because the examination emphasizes recognition of Oncologic emergencies and prompts response to address patient needs.

Jill is also a lifelong learner who will complete her BSN in two more classes. Then, she is planning to pursue further education as a nurse practitioner. This married, mother of two sets high goals for herself and achieves them. Certification has been one of these goals and she always ensures that she meets all qualifications for recertification. Jill is a dedicated certified nurse and her patients, myself included, truly benefit from her expertise and caring. We have confidence in Jill's clinical practice and her certification plays a significant role in that practice. Thank you, Jill, for sharing your story with us!

Do you want to share your certification story with your colleagues? It may encourage them to join you! Please contact me at SueJohn126@ to share your experiences!


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Publication:ISNA Bulletin
Date:Aug 1, 2014
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