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Certification Update.

It is anticipated that upcoming certification examinations will be held in accord with the table above. Additional sites are in varying stages of being arranged. During the past four months, there have been 70 requests for information regarding certification. It seems that this new program is catching on.

Inquiries continue to arrive with questions others also may have:

1. After successfully passing a certification examination at one level, can I take another examination at a different level? In order to qualify for a certification examination, you need to meet an experience/educational criterion and be in a position at the level for which you are applying for two years. Thus, you can take the examination at another (higher) level provided you meet these two criteria.

2. Is it possible to have the testing conducted at a local site? Yes. For example, we have agreed to arrange a testing site in Maryland, provided the Maryland Division of Corrections will allow us to advertise that site as an alternate and permit anyone who wants to travel to that site from other jurisdictions to take the test along with its staff. We will be adding examination sites in the months ahead.

Until the certification program is fully implemented, the locations and quantity of additional sites will be determined by the number of individuals applying for certification from particular areas of the country. This arrangement for establishing alternate sites will greatly reduce travel costs. We need to know how many will be taking the test a minimum of 90 days prior to the testing date to allow necessary arrangements and to advertise a proposed site as an alternate.

CCE = Certified Correctional Executive

CCM = Certified Correctional Manager

CCS = Certified Correctional Supervisor

CCO = Certified Correctional Officer
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