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E-learning for associations[TM]

"The next big killer application for the Internet is going to be education. Education over the Internet is going to make e-mail look like a rounding error."

John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems

Associations are at the intersection of four trends: growing demand for continuing education, accelerating use of the World Wide Web, increased competition, and members with busy, demanding lifestyles. Associations serve more than 200 million members and provide 60 percent of the continuing education taken by working adults. Today, a member with a mouse has access to a wider array of services and options--more than 150 million Americans regularly use the Internet to trade stocks, purchase airline tickets, and communicate. These trends are converging to make e-learning a key to association success.

A 1999 report by the International Data Corporation estimated that 50 percent of continuing professional education will be delivered online by 2004, up from less than 4 percent today, making e-learning, "the most significant medium of the next decade."

Creating the future of association e-learning

E-learning is one of the fastest growing uses of the Internet because it provides several advantages, including:

* ease of access. Students can access courses easily via the Internet through any standard Web browser.

* self-directed learning. E-learning can be self-paced, so learners can go at their own chosen speed. Learners also decide where and when they will participate in online learning and can do so anytime, anyplace.

* affordability. Learning online eliminates the costs of travel, making learning more affordable.

* less time-consuming. E-learning does not involve time away from family or days on the road.

* instant editing. Learning management systems offer online educators the ability to quickly update course content.

CertiLearn offers a full spectrum of online education and assessment solutions exclusively for associations, professional societies, and other nonprofit organizations. Staffed by a team with significant association experience, using proven e-learning technology and offering affordable options, CertiLearn can convert existing association courses for delivery via your association's Web site, construct new courses for delivery on your association's Web site, connect your members to online courses from qualified providers, and create access to your online courses through Association University[SM].

Your association can take advantage of the growing demand for e-learning through a learning portal developed by CertiLearn. CertiLearn's e-learning solution provides interactive components such as streaming multimedia, e-mail, chat, hyperlinks, discussion rooms, simulations, games, and other interactive tools that engage the learner.

Interactive online courses can be created by CertiLearn's Instructional Development Team using your association's content, including seminars and workshops, books, manuals, CD-ROM courses, and articles from magazines, newsletters, and journals. With CertiLearn's state-of-the-art system, online learners can register and pay for courses, receive training materials, participate in study sessions, communicate with others, submit assignments and tests, and receive a certificate upon successful completion.

The mission of CertiLearn is to "Create the Future of Association e-learning." In support of that mission, CertiLearn offers comprehensive, compelling resources and strategies to associations:

A team experienced in association e-learning. CertiLearn's management team has more than 30 years of experience in association management, education, and certification--and over a decade of combined experience in delivering e-learning for associations.

Proven, industry-leading, e-learning technology. CertiLearn's learning portal software, first launched in 1997, is now used by more than 100 organizations. CertiLearn's comprehensive, customizable e-learning solution can serve thousands of concurrent participants anywhere at any time through any standard Web browser.

A business model that benefits associations. As an Application Service Provider (ASP), CertiLearn licenses its solutions on a turnkey basis to an association, guaranteeing performance 24/7, and reducing up-front costs.

A commitment to the association community. CertiLearn works exclusively with associations and has a deep commitment to the association community.

For more information about how CertiLearn can help your association create a learning portal, contact: Gary A. LaBranche, CAE, president, CertiLearn, Inc., 13515 Dulles Technology Drive, Herndon, VA 20171; 703-561-2842;;
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