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Cerecor Acquires Rights to Epilepsy Drug from Lilly.


26 September 2016 - US-based biopharmaceutical company Cerecor Inc. (NASDAQ: CERC) has acquired exclusive, worldwide rights from US drugmaker Eli Lilly and Company to develop and commercialise LY3130418 (now designated as CERC-611), the company said on Monday.

CERC-611 is a potent and selective Transmembrane AMPA Receptor Regulatory Proteins y8-dependent AMPA receptor antagonist.

TARPs are a fairly recently discovered family of proteins that have been found to associate with and modulate the activity of AMPA receptors.

TARP-y8-dependent AMPA receptors are localized primarily in the hippocampus, a region of importance in complex partial seizures and particularly relevant to seizure origination and/or propagation.

Research suggests that selectively targeting individual TARPs may enable selective modulation of specific brain circuits without globally affecting synaptic transmission which may lead to improved efficacy, safety and tolerability.

Cerecor expects to submit an investigational new drug application to the United States Food and Drug Administration and, upon acceptance of the IND by the FDA, commence Phase 1 development of CERC-611 in 2017.

CERC-611 was discovered and developed by Lilly for the treatment of epilepsy, a neurological disorder affecting over 50 m people worldwide.

AMPA receptor antagonists are known anticonvulsant agents, and their ability to down-modulate excitatory neurotransmission is key to their antiepileptic therapeutic potential.

However, since AMPA receptor activity is so ubiquitous in the central nervous system, a non-selective AMPA antagonist approach affects many areas of the CNS, resulting in undesired effects, such as ataxia, sedation, falls, and/or dizziness, which are shared by all known general or broad-spectrum AMPA receptor antagonists.

Typically, the doses of these medications needed to obtain anti-convulsant activity are close to, or overlap with, doses at which undesired effects are observed.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cerecor will immediately assume full development and commercialisation responsibilities of CERC-611.

Lilly will receive an upfront licensing fee as well as milestone and tiered royalty payments.

Country: USA

Sector: Pharmaceuticals

Target: Exclusive, worldwide rights to develop and commercialise LY3130418 (now designated as CERC-611)

Buyer: Cerecor Inc.

Vendor: Eli Lilly and Company

Deal size in USD:

Type: Corporate Acquisition

Financing: Cash

Status: Closed

Buyer advisor: , ,

Comment: Lilly to receives upfront fee plus milestones

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Date:Sep 26, 2016
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